Moscow: entrepreneur and member of Podolskaya OCG Vladimir Stalnoy shot 

Moscow: entrepreneur and member of Podolskaya OCG Vladimir Stalnoy shot

According to the available information, the shooters were gangsters, with whom the victim could not share the fish business.

The details of the shooting, which took place today on the Khoroshevskoye Highway in Moscow, transpired. According to the information on social networks, businessman Vladimir Stalnoy, known as a member of the Podolskaya organized criminal grouping, was injured during the shooting.

It is to be recalled that a fight with the following shooting occurred this afternoon on the Khoroshevskoye Highway. In the course of the conflict, two unknown persons opened fire on businessman Vladimir Stalnoy, after which they fled the scene on a Mercedes. The businessman was hospitalized.

A video from the shooting scene was published on social networks. On the video one can see that the paving stones around the businessman’s car are covered in blood.

From open sources it is known that Vladimir Stalnoy is the founder of two companies – Pokrovskoye LLC (processing and canning of fish, crustaceans and mollusks) and GK Grupp i V LLC (demolition of buildings). Also, according to available information, the shoo



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