Moscow: Chechen racketeers who exported money from taxi drivers face 8-12 years' imprisonment

Moscow: Chechen racketeers who exported money from taxi drivers face 8-12 years' imprisonment

Shamkhan Daut-Merzayev, a native of Chechnya, along with his two accomplices, was found guilty of 12 episodes of extortion from taxi drivers who worked next to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Simonovsky court of Moscow sentenced a native of Chechnya, Shamkhan Daut-Merzayev, and his two accomplices to the terms of 8 to 12 years of imprisonment for extortion from taxi drivers who worked near the building of the Interior Ministry on Shabolovka Street in Moscow. Rosbalt reports this, citing sources in law enforcement agencies.

Daut-Merzayev and his accomplices, Islam Pugoyev and Maksatbek Mederbekov, were found guilty of more than 12 episodes of extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, the racketeers illegally received several million rubles from taxi drivers as an “organized group, threatening with violence and property damage". Daut-Merzayev and Pugoyev were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, Mederbekov - 8 years.

The police found out about extortioners back in 2016. A taxi driver reported about the fact of extortion to the police. Natives of Caucasus demanded money from drivers who were working near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at Shabolovka street.

It turned out that in 2015, there was a conflict between two groups of taxi drivers for "profitable" places near the metro station. One of the drivers was left injured. Colleagues of the victim asked for help athlete Daut-Merzayev, who was a master of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. He agreed with their rivals and demanded a tribute for further security. Initially, the payment was 200 rubles per day from each driver, but later it grew to 800 rubles. The collected money was either transferred to Daut-Merzayev on a card or passed to "through his person", who also worked as a taxi driver. Islam Pugoyev, a native of Ingushetia, was also "seen at this place and believed to be the man from the gang.

Later, another 12 episodes of extortion were revealed. The Moscow Department of Internal Affairs instituted criminal proceedings on these facts. At first, accomplices Daut-Merzayev, Pugoyev and Mederbekov, who collected money from taxi drivers, were detained. Soon Daut-Merzayev was also detained - his car was stopped by traffic police officers on Kutuzov Avenue, after which operatives brought him to the police station.

One of Daut-Merzayev's acquaintances voiced another version. According to him, the Chechen had his own dispatch service, which provided drivers with orders. He also protected taxi drivers. A source of Rosbalt noted that before the intervention of Daut-Merzayev the drivers worked near Shabolovskaya metro station illegally. He also organized their work, acting as an individual entrepreneur and received a percentage from their orders. The source also called Pugoyev "a drug addict who constantly walks around the metro station." He allegedly borrowed 350,000 rubles from one of the taxi drivers and refused to give them back. Then the driver wrote a statement to the police. The defense of Daut-Merzayev has already appealed the verdict to a higher authority.



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