Money that was stolen after FSB attacked bank in Moscow owned by Assyrian businessmen

Money that was stolen after FSB attacked bank in Moscow owned by Assyrian businessmen

The businessmen are reported to have dealt with exchange of currency at Moskva market.

Money that was stolen after the Federal Security Service had attacked a bank Metallurg in Moscow was owned by Assyrian businessmen who dealt with exchange of currency at Moskva market near Moscow’s Lyublino district, reports RBC with reference to an acquaintance of a victim. The data was confirmed by a source familiar with the investigation.

The most important testimonies were born by a person detained on Jule 4. He is a forwarding agent and an investigator of the Prosecutor General’s Office Konstantin Zharov who was convicted for robbery under the guise of a fighter of the Special Police Force in 2016. While in the remand prison, he pleaded not guilty and tried to appeal the sentence. In 2018, he was released on bail.

Zharov says that during his term in the remand prison he got acquainted with certain Kakha. In spring, 2019, they met each other at liberty. Kakha said that he knows a person named Boris who has information about people who deal with illegal financial operations. Boris offered to get a group of employees of law enforcement and ransack the ‘encashers’ under the guise of active search measures.

Zharov told the investigation that he had offered a fighter of Alpha Khetag Margiev. He says the riot policeman decided to find the colleagues who did match to the operation. Besides that, he offered to find an operative of the ‘K’ directorate of the Federal Security Service Artur Vlasov. Margiev had repeatedly met him during the searches related to economic crimes. Vlasov reported the investigation that he didn’t know Margiev well, but he had his phone number.

In late May, Margiev, Vlasov, Zharov and Boris and Zharov acquaintance met each other at the cafe at Kuzminki park. Zharov told that he has friends who have ties within illegal banking activity and they have something interersting to offer. Vlasov agreed to hear the offer. After that, Zharov introduced him to his companions.

“One of this man introduced himself as Boris. Now, I know his last name is Karamatov. Another man of Caucasian appearance came with him. He was lean and had receding hairline. His hair was grey. He did not introduce himself. I thought the latter had ties within the criminal world, as he used many slang words during the conversation,” Vlasov told.

During the meeting, Karamatov said that he dealt with illegal currency exchange. In his words, he exchanged cash into hundreds of thousands dollars every day. There were organizers of illegal cash systems at Moscow markets among his clients.

Karamatov clarified that he had to leave the business - the way his partners thought that it would happened due to law enforcers. He promised to organize a visit of businessmen from the market with cash worth of $1 million at his office at a certain time. He convinced Vlasov that the money would be of “criminal nature.” And no one would ever complain about that. Employees of Metallurg bank where he rented an office were, in his words, also involved in the illegal operations. So, they would not report to law enforcement. Later, the bank stated that the robbery had nothing to do with the organization.

The men who brought the money to the bank on the day of the robbery turned out to be ethnic Assyrians, reports a source of RBC within law enforcement. He says that they arranged exchange of amounts their senior partners had gathered. It was earlier reported that the officially unemployed Yumaranov who is a victim in the case stated that he had borrowed the stolen money. Yumaranov’s acquaintance confirmed that the man himself did not deal with those large amounts and had senior partners.

The attack by the Federal Security Service on Metallurg bank was reported in early July. A few employees of Alpha, Vympel and ‘K’ directorate were detained in Moscow. Inspector of the Federal Security Service Dmitry Chikvin was also detained. They were accused of theft of 136 million rubles ($2 million). There are 7 defendants in the case. In July, two of the detainees pleaded guilty. Some of them refunded the damage partially.



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