MIA initiated case of criminal community including heads of companies controlled by ex-governor Dubrovsky

MIA initiated case of criminal community including heads of companies controlled by ex-governor Dubrovsky
Ex-Governor Boris Dubrovsky

Businessman Sergey Vilshenko, assistant of the former Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, led a criminal group.

Tverskoy Court of Moscow has arrested Gennady Madalinsky, General Director of TTK-Trans, in a case of criminal community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code), which robbed Russian Railways. TTK-Trans inflated tariffs for the transportation of rubble, according to the police. In fact, the company transported one large lot of rubble under the contract with Russian Railways, while according to the documents, there were many small ones, and this was more costly. Profit was subsequently withdrawn through nominal legal entities.

According to RBC, businessman Sergey Vilshenko, who received up to 95% of road contracts through Yuzhuralmost under Chelyabinsk region Governor Boris Dubrovsky, led the criminal group. For four years, the company has received state contracts worth 37 billion rubles ($586.2 m). The Federal Arbitration Court suspected them of being in cahoots and passed the case materials to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office.

The case of criminal community was initiated June 18 and joined with a number of cases of fraud and embezzlement. July 9, investigators conducted several searches in the crime group case and rounded up Madalinsky and TTK-Groupp Head (the sole shareholder of TTK-Trans) Mikhail Solovyov under a new count of Swindling (Art.159). Then Solovyov was released in the status of a witness.

Vilshenko has the citizenship of Greece and is now abroad. The gang also included managers of companies NK Berdyaush, Asia-Trans and others, which Vilshenko controlled - Yekaterina Krasnikhina, Yelena Dorozhevich, Yevgeny Matveyev, Viktoriya Bril and Vladimir Gats (already sentenced to 4 years in prison in case of embezzling 146 million rubles ($2.3 m)).

According to investigators, the thefts are related to the activities of Asia-Trans company. From June 2012 to October 2015, it was supposed to provide logistics services to the Central Directorate for Repairing the Track (a branch of Russian Railways). The money transferred by Russian Railways to the company was withdrawn under fictitious contracts with shell companies. In particular, for three years, Asia-Trans transferred funds to Prozhektor, allegedly for insuring wagons and cargo. That said, the company did not have a license for insurance activities. The stolen money was legalized outside Russia.

The case was opened on May 25. It was based on materials from another investigation - into the embezzlement of 140 million rubles ($2.2 m) from NK Berdyaush belonging to Artem Chaika (son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation). The company is engaged in the production of rubble and its supply for Russian Railways. In 2014, Chaika acquired Berdyaush from Sergey Vilshenko. The embezzlement was uncovered during the ensuing audit. According to investigators, the money was withdrawn in the same way as in the case of Russian Railways - with the help of fictitious contracts with technical firms. Having learned about the persecution, Vilshenko disappeared from the country.

In July, Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin filed a lawsuit with Meshchansky Court of Moscow on behalf of the Russian Federation for the recognition of Russian Railways as a victim in the criminal case and recovery of 1,266 billion rubles ($20 m) of damages.

It is curious that in 2017, Sergey Vilshenko and Yekaterina Krasnikhina made a will naming a certain individual, according to which, in the event of death, they transfer money from their accounts at Otkritie Bank and a share in their company TsKBU-2, Yuzhuralmost, Amarant (the sole shareholder of Asia-Trans) and Tekhnopark. It turned out that Tatyana Solonchak, whom Ura.ru called the girlfriend of Boris Dubrovsky and the mother of his child, was their heir.



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