Metsenatovskiye leader’s help to investigators evaluated at 22 years of strict regime 

Metsenatovskiye leader’s help to investigators evaluated at 22 years of strict regime
Metsenatovskiye gang leader Dmitry Vedernikov (Vedera) Photo: Zabmedia

In addition, the leader of the ‘wing’ of Osinovskiye gang is to pay a fine and compensation totaling 8 million rubles ($141.4 thousand).⁠

The Trans-Baikal Regional Court sentenced criminal leader Dmitry Vedernikov (Vedera), who headed Metsenatovskiye gang, to 22 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony. He was found guilty of 11 murders and 4 assassination attempts, kidnapping, robbery and robbery committed as part of the gang. All crimes were committed between 2000 and 2009.

Furthermore, the court ordered him to pay a fine of 725 thousand rubles ($12.8 thousand) and compensation for non-pecuniary damage to the relatives of the victims worth 6.7 million rubles ($118.4 thousand), as well as material damage, inflicted together with previously convicted Osinovskiye gang leader Osintsev, of 1.2 million rubles ($21.2 thousand). About 30 people are victims in the case.

When awarding punishment, the court took into account the fact that Vedernikov fully acknowledged his guilt, repented of his deed and asked forgiveness from the victims. In addition, he has chronic diseases and a very young dependent child.

Formerly Vedernikov concluded a pre-trial agreement and began to actively help the investigation, thanks to which other crimes of the criminal group were revealed and active members and leaders of the criminal world of Transbaikal were detained. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Office of Investigations of the ICR in the Trans-Baikal Territory highly appreciated his assistance to the investigation, which enabled them to rise to a qualitatively new level of combating crime.

In particular, thanks to the leaks of Vedera in 2016 retired colonel Andranik Amiryan, the ex-Deputy Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the city of Chita, was detained. In 2003 he organized a robbery attack on the owner of an expensive car in Chita. The former policeman, as the investigators believe, was the informer of Osinovskiye. Earlier on, the court sentenced businessman Alexander Cherepyanko to 12 years in a strict-regime colony for inciting murder, committed for hire, information on whom was also provided by Vedernikov.

Additionally, in 2012 Central Court of Chita sentenced Vedernikov to 10 years in a strict regime colony with a fine of 100 thousand rubles ($1.7 thousand). However, the investigation against him and his accomplices continued.

Between the 1990s and 2000s, Vedernikov was at the helm of the military wing of Osinovskiye gang. Once it was formed in Chita cafe Metsenat, from where it got its name. The total number of Metsenatovskiye amounted to about 50 people. Their tasks included military escorts for the business of Osinovskiye leader Igor Osintsev – not only protection but also elimination of competitors.

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