Members of ‘Georgian mafia’ detained in Spain

Members of ‘Georgian mafia’ detained in Spain

It is known that two of the detainees are Russian citizens, another is a citizen of Georgia.

The police detained three members of a crime group on charges of burglary in the Spanish province of Zaragoza. According to the investigation, all of them were part of the so-called ‘Georgian mafia’, but at the same time, two of them were Russian citizens, and the third was a citizen of Georgia. This is reported by Ekho Kavkaza.

It is known that the suspects had arrived in Spain under the guise of Israeli students and robbed more than 40 apartments over several weeks. According to the police, the gang was well organized and planned its crimes in advance. In all cases, no one was home during the robbery. The criminals had a whole range of tools for breaking door locks – from skeleton keys and crowbars to angle grinders.

They would steal jewelry made of gold and diamonds, expensive appliances, designer clothes, and money. 

According to the National Police of Spain, the accused were controlled by thieves in law and regularly replenished the ‘common fund’. One of the suspects was detained by the police when transporting another contribution to Barcelona.

In addition to numerous thefts, the detainees are also accused of forging documents, through which members of the group were able to stay in Spain.

To recall, a few days ago, the Spanish police announced a large-scale operation against an Armenian crime group, which is charged with drug trafficking, arms trafficking, tobacco smuggling, money laundering, corruption in sports betting, and other crimes throughout Europe.

It is reported that it is planned to detained 142 suspects, including six thieves in law, as part of the operation. It involves more than a thousand agents of the Catalan police, the National Police of Spain, Interpol, and Europol. It is planned to conduct 73 searches in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Cartagena, Elche, Albacete, and Alicante.

The investigation into the 'Armenian mafia' began in 2016 in the wake of the murder of two Georgian residents associated with the thief in law Kakhaber Shushanashvili’s (Kakha Rustavsky) crime group. Siloviki found out that members of an international OCG dealing with various crimes are based in several regions of Spain.



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