Members of ethnic gang extorted from St. Petersburg businessmen

Members of ethnic gang extorted from St. Petersburg businessmen

Four members of an ethnic crime group involved in extortion from businessmen have been caught in St. Petersburg.

Officers of the regional ICR are currently checking the bandits for involvement in the commission of other similar offenses.

According to law enforcement bodies, the gang members committed their crime on June 29 last year. In particular, they attacked two entrepreneurs in a building of housing and utility service located on Bolshaya Monetnaya Street.

Bandits were brutally beating their victims, threatening to kill them. They extorted 1 million rubles and a Nissan car worth 1.1 million rubles from the businessmen. Failing to get what they want, the criminals hijacked a 2-mln-ruble Audi A6 from one of the businessmen and stole 265 thousand rubles and 900 dollars.

Investigative bodies have initiated criminal proceedings under item b part 4 of Art. 162 and item b part 2 of Art. 163 of the Russian Criminal Code (Robbery, extortion). Law enforcement officers decide on the suspects's arrest and the charges against them.

Investigation into the criminal case continues. Operatives are establishing all circumstances of the crime committed and check the gangsters' involvement in other similar incidents.



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