Member of Validol’s gang convicted for Saratovstroysteklo former director's murder

Member of Validol’s gang convicted for Saratovstroysteklo former director's murder
Valid Lurahmaev (Validol)

Sultan Sigauri is sentenced to 8.5 years in the strict regime penal colony.

The Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow sentenced Sultan Sigauri, accused in the murder of former General Director of JSC Saratovstroysteklo Mikhail Lanin, Rosbalt reported.

According to the newspaper, Sigauri's case was considered under special circumstances in connection with the conclusion of the pre-trial agreement with the investigation. The Prosecutor asked to condemn the accused to 9 years, but the judge gave a bit less - 8.5 years in the strict regime penal colony. In addition, the court took into account that the defendant has been already serving a sentence for attempt on entrepreneur Tatiana Balsamova's life. In total, Sigauri spends 14 years in prison.

Investigators were able to establish that the entrepreneur's murder was accomplished by the group of solvers led by Chechen hitman Valid Lurahmaev (Validol). Sultan Sigauri was the member of this gang. According to investigators, he acted as an intermediary between the Lanin's murder customer and its performer. The gang took about 200 million rubles from the businessman allegedly for the purchase of the leading positions in state corporations. However, solvers did not intend to fulfill the promise, as well as to return the money, and therefore decided to liquidate the businessman.

To carry out their plan criminals lured the businessman in France. On March 4, 2011 the Chechens Yazid Arsaliev and Ruslan Bersanov, who worked on Validol, met Mikhail Lanin and his companion Elena Pravoslavovnа in Nice and seated them in the car, ostensibly to show them the apartment, which would be handed over to him on account of debt. On one of the narrow streets in Villipente one of the accomplices shot at Lanin and Pravoslavna. The man died on the spot, but woman managed to survive and describe the attackers, upon that they were found and caught.

Validol was arrested in Turkey with the documents in the name of Alexander Smirnov. At the moment, Russia and Turkey are negotiating on the extradition of Lurahmaev.



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