Member of Pichuga’s OCG Paramon sentenced to 9 years and $12k fine

Member of Pichuga’s OCG Paramon sentenced to 9 years and $12k fine

He has confessed to murder and attempt at murder.

The Supreme Court of the Komi Republic has delivered the judgment to one of the members of thief in law Yury Pichugin’s (Pichuga) gang, Igor Paramon.

According to BNK, Paramon was charged with Organization of a Criminal Community, Banditry, Murder, Attempt at Murder, and Illegal Sale of Arms.

He admitted to the crimes committed and assisted the investigation in every possible way. In this connection, the court, which was held in closed session, has given him a minimum sentence of nine years’ rigorous imprisonment, as well as a fine of 800 thousand rubles ($12,256).

There are 21 defendants in the case of Pichuga’s OCG. Depending on the role of each of them, the defendants are charged with Organization of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), Organization of a Gang and Participation Therein (Art. 209), six murder episodes committed by an organized group, associated with banditry, Attempt at Murder (Art. 105), Kidnapping by an Organized Group (Art. 126), Illegal Sale of Arms and Explosives (Art. 222 and 222.1), Extortion (Art. 163), Swindling (Art. 159), and other crimes.

According to the investigation, Pichugin founded the OCC in the period from 1992 to 1994. Previously convicted persons, athletes, as well as former siloviki and military joined the gang. 

The group members were engaged in business protection. The collected funds and property were transferred to the common fund, which was also replenished with the proceeds of crimes that were committed by those who were already serving a sentence or were in a pre-trial detention center. In addition, the group members were engaged in robbery, large-scale thefts from grocery and industrial stores, theft of oil products, and real estate fraud.



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