Member of GTA gang has confessed to two murders

Member of GTA gang has confessed to two murders
Photo: Life

Currently, the criminal gang is accused of killing 17 people. According to investigators, two more victims of the gang members were killed in order to take possession of their car.

One of the defendants of the GTA gang's resonance case, who was arrested in Tajikistan, told investigators of two more victims of violent group, reported Life. According to the testimony of OCG's member law enforcement officers were able to find bodies of two citizens of Central Asia - Bahram Sektebitov and Feruz Karakulov. The examination found that Sektebitov and Karakulov were strangled. According to one version, men, working as private taxi drivers in Moscow, could kill to take possession of their car.

At the moment, Russian police are waiting for the extradition of a member of the GTA gang, who was detained in Tajikistan.

Recall that the criminal gang is accused of killing 17 people, committed in 2012-2014 in Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions. Group members, known as GTA gang (the media began to call it so by analogy with a series of games Grand Theft Auto), attacked drivers on suburban routes. Criminals stopped cars, laying out spikes on the road. Then they killed people, who were in the car. It was initially reported that there did not disappear money and valuables of victims, but the investigation claimed that crimes were committed for mercenary motives.

All members of the gang came from Central Asia. The leader of the group Ibaidullo Subhanu (referred to by the name of Rustam Usmanov) was killed during the arrest.

The ICR spokesman Vladimir Markin said to VestiFM radio broadcast that members of the group lived a double life.

"They are, indeed, acted very cleverly ... They lived as ordinary migrant workers with their owners, they had no different, completely submissive, and then, at night, go out and commit their murder like wolves," - said Markin.

It should be noted that the investigation has been questioned the Head of the Administrative Department of the Prosecutor's General Office Alexey Staroverov, in whose house criminals settled. Later, he was fired. His wife Nadezhda Staroverova figured in the investigation of the Anti-corruption foundation on the business of sons of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.



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