Mark Bronovsky’s charge of creating criminal community fell apart in court

Mark Bronovsky’s charge of creating criminal community fell apart in court
Mark Bronovsky

The investigation could not find evidence of the existence of a criminal community.

A court in St. Petersburg acquitted businessman Mark Bronovsky and ten more people in the case of Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (part 1, part 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg reports.

Mark Bronovsky, Alexander Shved and Tatyana Makarova were fully acquitted on charges of organizing a criminal community. Another eight defendants were found innocent of participation in it.

Bronovsky was found guilty of fraud with VAT refunds amounting to 377 million rubles ($5.8 m) and attempted theft of 489 million rubles ($7.5 m). He was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months in a penal colony. His stay in the detention center since 2014 and house arrest were taken into account. The businessman was released in the courtroom.

Alexander Shved was fully acquitted. The remaining defendants - Makarova, Igor Chernov, Dmitry Martynchik, Dmitry Shuvanov, Konstantin Pavlenko, Marina Shcherbakova, Svyatoslav Remizov, Liliya Gatiyatova and Marina Sokolova - received suspended sentences for fraud.

It was the Investigative Committee that charged Bronovsky with the organization of a criminal community, but the investigators could not provide evidence of the existence of the community. According to the investigation, the businessman's gang was engaged in illegal VAT refund using about 40 one-day firms. The executives of these companies allegedly filed tax returns for fictitious transactions with the tax inspectorates.



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