Lyosha Soldat: remember your defense will not serve your term

Lyosha Soldat: remember your defense will not serve your term
Aleksander Sherstobitov

The legendary killer Aleksander Sherstobitov shares his experience in choosing a lawyer.

The killer of Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya criminal group Aleksander Sherstobitov known as Lyosha Soldat in the criminal world, serving his 23-years term has given his tip to those who need a lawyer. His speculations on the topic were posted on a Crimeteam VK public with the help of his relatives.

Sherstobitov believes that while choosing a defense, one should remember that people become lawyers not to help other people, but to earn money illegally.

“Nowadays, young people become lawyers for the same reason others become officials, police officers, politicians, and investigators,” he said.

In his words, he has met different inmates - mainly wealthy and well-known people - for 3 years in the remand prison - with 90% of them not being satisfied with their lawyers; half of them had to replace their lawyers and lose money (for there hardly is a lawyer longing to work for free), time and possibilities.

One should always ask his lawyer: “How high are the chances the thing you’re offering is going to help me?” One should also warn his lawyer to return money if the thing he’s offering won’t help. Regardless of a lawyer’s reply, one could agree with the proposal, but only if the payment is done after the favourable changes this proposal leads to. One should not give money to a lawyer who promises to fix everything with the help of his ties. Favourable changes often happen due to the fact that an investigator got acquainted with the case closer and reclassified it, but not thanks to a lawyer.

Lawyers do often find violations of law committed by investigators in the course of the case. However, favourable changes often happen due to the fact that an investigator got acquainted with the case closer and reclassified it, but not thanks to a lawyer. One should and must challenge expert reports, statements, witness testimonies, correctness of articles of the law. However, one should not rely on these efforts and pay for them. Remember your defense will not serve your term, but take the money and start spending it.” Sherstobitov said.

The killer suggests to rely on yourself and explore the Criminal and the Criminal Procedure Code to easier see which way the wind is blowing. This will make both lawyer and investigator act carefully.

Lyosha Soldat also suggests not to pay attention to a lawyer’s words about his experience.

“Remember everything he says about his prior ties, successful cases, solved difficult issues, and people he rescued is in the past. You are here and now.” The killer says.

“You should take him as any person who is new in your life and suggests you to spend your money on his project, for this is what you’re about to do.” Sherstobitov says.

The communication with a lawyer should start with a contract. This normally happens out of prison - the agreement is concluded between him and your relatives which is recognized by law. The first time you meet a lawyer, you should define his competency. First of all, discuss his fee. Lawyers normally charge by the hour: from 3 thousand to 300 thousand rubles ($45 and 4.5 thousand, respectively), and this amount is to increase in the course of the case a lot. There are lawyers who are paid by the state. They are obliged to work with suspects, and it doesn’t mean they’re bad. You should normally pay their services, as well, but it won’t drain your purse. However, it is unknown if they had enough experience or not.”

Bribery, in Sherstobitov’s words, is possible, but secondary, because you never know if it’s going to be successful. The first thing is an ordinary preparation of the trial. Bribery is more real and may influence the outcome, when a case is further from its launch. Anyway, one should not give money to a lawyer in advance due to the fact that there are many nonprofessionals and swindler in this field who overprice their services.

Lyosha Soldat also says it makes sense to pay attention to a lawyer’s gender. Men, in his words, are more reserved and more thoroughly think over their actions. Women rely on their intuition; they may also use their female spell to serve as a distraction. The best is when you have two lawyers: both male and female.

“Don’t think that you may avoid lawyers, however before contacting them, think of what exactly you want from them and how much you’re going to spend on them; only after that, enter into negotiations… It’s up to you whether you’re going to achieve your goal or not. Otherwise, you’re going to incorrectly set your goal, run the wrong hare and fall on face.” Sherstobitov concluded.



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