Lithuanian killer from Klok gang goes on hunger strike in Ural colony

Lithuanian killer from Klok gang goes on hunger strike in Ural colony
Romas Zamolskis

In Lithuania, Romas Zamolskis was wanted for the murders of policemen and collectors, but he was prosecuted by Russian justice.

Known in criminal circles as Zamas, a native of Lithuania Romas Zamolskis, who is serving a 16-year term in High-Security Prison (IK) No. 10 in Yekaterinburg, went on a hunger strike, reported.

The fact that the convicted for a series of serious crimes Zamas has been starving for the fourth day without drinking even water was described on Facebook by his spouse Svetlana Zamolskis (Myakotina), who urged human rights activists from the Public Monitoring Commission of the Sverdlovsk region to visit her husband in the colony.

A spokesman for the Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS) in the Sverdlovsk region Aleksandr Levchenko confirmed to that one of the prisoners of the IK-10 had actually gone on a hunger strike. According to the source, representatives of the prosecutor's office have paid the convicted a visit. A psychologist works with him and he is examined by doctors three times a day.

The representative of the FPS did not specify the reason why Zamolskis went on a hunger strike, however, he noted that previously Zamolskis and his wife had repeatedly complained about the conditions of detention. Complaints were checked by the employees of the ICR and the prosecutor's office, but according to him, none of them found their confirmation. Levchenko noted that FPS officers have a reason to believe that all Zamolskis' appeals are a provocation in order to weaken the prisoner's regime or even transfer him to another country and achieve liberation there.

According to the investigators of the Sverdlovsk office of the ICR, the organized crime group, which included Zamolskis, was created earlier by the repeatedly prosecuted Mikhail Klok in July 1999 and specialized in the embezzlement of property. Being wanted in Lithuania since 1993 for the murder of collectors and policemen, Zamolskis joined the Ural gang in 2002. As the newspaper notes, by that time Zamolskis had already had 8 victims, seven of whom were Lithuanian policemen. During the arrest, law enforcers were even allowed not to take Zamolskis alive. In Russia, the killer was hiding under the name of Gabik Boltachev.

Romas Zamolskis was arrested in mid-August 2014 in Yekaterinburg. During the arrest operation, he tried to kill a Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) officer and was wounded. Members of the Klok gang (including Zamolskis) were accused of a number of crimes: theft, robbery, fraud, brigandage, illegal arms trafficking and attempted murder. They are responsible for the robbery of the watch shop Studiya Vremeni (Time Studio), theft of special equipment from Vladimir Romas' LLC Domostroy enterprises, theft of BMW X5, as well as a fraud with assets of Baza na Komsomolskoi (Base at Komsomolskaya). The most high-profile episode of the gang was the explosion of a grenade over the balcony of one of the borrowers of Uraltransbank in Yekaterinburg in 2004.

In total, the investigation succeeded in proving the involvement of the criminal group Klok in 6 criminal episodes. In June 2016, the Verkh-Isetsky Court of Yekaterinburg sentenced Mikhail Klok to 4 years of imprisonment in a strict-regime penal colony, ex-leader and co-owner of the Gyurza private security company Valery Povarov to 11 years of strict-security imprisonment, and Romas Zamolskis to 16 years of strict- security imprisonment. In August, the Sverdlovsk Regional Court, after reviewing the appeals of the defendants, changed sentences to the convicts. Klok was sentenced to 3 years 10 months in prison, Povarov received 10 years, and Zamolskis got 15 years' strict-regime imprisonment.

Parallelly with the investigation of the Klok gang, the siloviki began to dig into the case of torture in Yekaterinburg's IK-2. In 2016, after the publication of a video of torture in IK-2, the FSB detained the deputy head of the colony Mikhail Belousov, who was accused of exceeding the authority and organizing tortures of convicts with the help of imprisoned activists. One of the main suspects in the case of the so-called Mikhail Klok's organized crime gro, p, co-owner and ex-director of the Gyurza private security company Valery Povarov said in court that he was tortured in IK-2 as part of the investigation. Zamolskis, according to one of the former prisoners was tortured with the help of the Ilizarov apparatus in jail no.1, as reported.



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