Lithuanian killer asks for going home 

Lithuanian killer asks for going home
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Condemned in Yekaterinburg, hitman Romas Zamolskis went on a hunger strike and demands his extradition to Lithuania.

Murderer Romas Zamolskis, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison and serving his sentence in a penal colony in Yekaterinburg, went on a hunger strike and demands extradition to Lithuania, his wife said on the Zamolskis Facebook page.

She visited her husband in the colony and published her impressions.

"It's just skin and bone there, He is skinny, like Freddy Krueger's, like death, since I was with the children, we tried to persuade him to stop the hunger strike, but we received in response that by Monday he would die, he does not surrender," she wrote.

A few days before, she said that Zamolskis had gone on a hunger strike because his appeals to state agencies were going off with a great delay, and he could not get to the reception of the institution's administration.

Another demand of the convict is to extradite him to Lithuania. Zamolskis handed a petition for the possibility of executing punishment in his homeland to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation through the Lithuanian Embassy.

According to Tatyana Merzlyakova, the Ombudswoman for Human Rights in the Sverdlovsk region, the issue of Zamolskis's extradition to Lithuania is very difficult.

"He really recently began to ask for home," she said.

According to her, he expressed his desire to serve his sentence in the homeland to the delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, who visited the Urals and the prisoner In Lithuania, he also has crimes, he was accused of contract killings, he was wanted for several years.

Recall that the Lithuanian citizen, Romas Zamolskis, known in criminal circles as Zamas, was detained in mid-August 2014 in Yekaterinburg. In Lithuania, he was charged with the murder of seven people - collectors and policemen - in absentia.

In Russia, Zamolskis and his two accomplices, Mikhail Klok and Valery Povarov, were accused of attempted murder, attempted fraud, illegal weapons trafficking, robbery, theft. According to the verdict of the court on June 6, 2016 Klok, Povarov and Zamolskis were sentenced to 4, 11 and 16 years in a strict regime colony.

During the detention, Zamolskis tried to kill a Special Forces officer and was wounded.



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