Lenkoransky’s criminals released from detention take revenge on treacherous businessmen 

Lenkoransky’s criminals released from detention take revenge on treacherous businessmen
After being released from jail, Lenkoransky’s gangsters are not only going to get things done, but deal with the ‘snitches’

The measure of restraint in the form of house arrest does not prevent OCG members from ‘nightmarizing’ the businessmen of Nizhny Tagil.

Members of late thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev’s (Rovshan Lenkoransky) gang generously released with a home detention are rampaging through Nizhny Tagil with renewed vigour.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, in early February 2017, the Court of Nizhny Tagil released the crime group members, detained in August 2016, under house arrest. Such humane treatment of suspects, as Ura.ru’s sources report, is due to the fact that the bandits had taken a plea deal with the investigation – they had confessed to five episodes of extortion. However, according to Vechernie Vedomosti, the release of gang members is associated with the influential ‘protection’, provided by senior officials of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to updated information of Vechernie Vedomosti, five members of the organized crime group were released, namely Telman Valiev, Orkhan Muradov, Ilkin Abilov, Khydyr Gadzhiyev, Asim Abbasov, Maskal Vidak, Shahyar Aliev, Eduard Traksel, and Roman Lenkov. Isa Abilov was the only one left under detention. Let us note that the gang consists mainly of immigrants from Azerbaijan. The criminals are charged with two articles of the Russian Criminal Code – Art. 163 (Extortion) and Art. 162 (Robbery). The investigators have identified five criminal episodes as Extortion. Thus, according to investigation, the racketeers are involved in extortion of money, cars, and business from entrepreneurs of Nizhny Tagil, as well as property from former orphanage children. The victims themselves had testified against the criminals; in particular, the business community of Sverdlovsk city, which had grown weary of the tyranny. Now that the Lenkoransky’s gangsters are released, they plan not only to get things done, but deal with the ‘snitches’. Thus, February 5, the bandits were once again detained when shoving a victim into a car for the purpose of taking him to an unknown destination. However, later they were easily released from the Leninsky police department of Nizhny Tagil.

One of the businessmen – a victim of Lenkoransky’s OCG – has revealed a detailed history of his relationship with gangsters to Vechernie Vedomosti.

Ulukbek Nazarov, a native of Uzbekistan, used to own a dental clinic in Nizhny Tagil. The clinic would bring him a steady income, which could not go unnoticed by local thugs. Nazarov was offered ‘protection’ – the entrepreneur was paying the criminals 40 thousand rubles a month for several years. When the clinic became more successful, the bandits demanded 150 thousand for their ‘services’. Nazarov’s patience run out, so he told the ‘protectors’ to bugger off. And it got him in trouble.


“We won’t forgive you” – threats appeared on the dentistry walls in the summer 2016

In late January last year, the bandits first drugged him, and then kidnapped. Nazarov was taken to a basement, where he was tortured in a sophisticated way, in particular, well water was poured on him at - 25 ⁰C. Then he was forced to re-register his business in the name of other people, namely an Oksana Menshova and Akhmed Gelmesov. After two days of detention, Nazarov was dumped in the suburbs of Yekaterinburg.

In summer 2016, operatives detained Menshova and Gelmesov. It should be noted that they had failed to grab Nazarov’s assets, as the clinic premises did not belong to the dentist, so the documents he had signed were of no legal effect. The bandits continued their struggle in February this year – a mere two days after they were released from prison.

The criminals told Nazarov that some other dentist would work in his premises. Nazarov was thrown out with the help of private security company officers. In addition, they defaced furniture and broke a window in the clinic.



The businessman believes that Akhmed Gelmesov, in whose name Nazarov's business was re-registered last year, may be involved.

Nazarov’s clinic is not operating at the moment; the businessman tries to bring his abusers to justice. He has filed a complaint with Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Yury Chaika, Aleksandr Bastrykin, and even Vladimir Putin. But the problem is yet to be solved.

The situation in Nizhny Tagil is indeed striking and frightening. The judge’s decision to release the criminals, who may escape at any time and continue ‘nightmarizing’ businessmen, is genuinely surprising. Rumor has it in the city, that security forces patronize the gangsters, whereas Nizhny Tagil itself has been given away to Azerbaijani diaspora.



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