Leaders of Crimean Bashmaki may appear before court soon 

Leaders of Crimean Bashmaki may appear before court soon
Second left - Alexander Danilchenko, third from left - Nikolay Kozhukhar

Nikolay Kozhukhar and Alexander Danilchenko are accused of banditry and murder of two or more persons by organized group.⁠

The investigation against leaders of an organized criminal group Bashmaki (Shoes), which operated on the Crimean peninsula in the 90th, comes to an end. Head of the Main Investigation Department of the ICR in the Republic of Crimea Mikhail Nazarov told the case of Nikolay Kozhukhar (Kolya Moldovan) and Alexander Danilchenko (Grandfather, Danila) could be transferred to the court as early as within the next month.

Danilchenko and Kozhukhar were arrested in February 2016. They are charged under Banditry (part 1, Art. 209 of the Criminal Code) and Murder of two or more persons, by organized group (items (a, e), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code).

The group was organized in the early '90s by former driver Viktor Bashmakov – the gang named after him. The gang was engaged in racketeering of businessmen. At the same time, they dealt with undesirables in the cruelest way - with tortures and murders.

Video: the detention of Bashmaki OCG

Bashmakov himself was shot in June 1994 by killers. After his death, the gang was headed by Kozhukhar and Danilchenko.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities brought 24 gang members to the criminal liability.

It is also noteworthy that prior to the arrest, Danilchenko and Kozhukhar were formally including at the list of presidents of the Boxing Federation and Wrestling of the Crimea respectively. The honorary president of the latter is Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the Boxing Federation is headed by previously convicted of extortion member of the Crimean group Salem Sergey Voronkov (Voron).



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