Leaders of black realtors gang from police accused of creating OCG

Leaders of black realtors gang from police accused of creating OCG

Officers Andrey Naumov and Andrey Spiridonov were taken into custody.

Former precinct police officers of the Moscow MIA Department for the Lefortovo District, Andrey Naumov and Andrey Spiridonov, as well as their associates Sergey Kim, Alexander Tsoi and Iftikhor Teshaev, who were engaged in black real estate business, are accused of creating a criminal community (part 1 of Article 210 CCRF), the Telegram channel OPER slil reported.

In February 2018, a criminal case was initiated against Naumov and Teshaev over attempted fraud on a particularly large scale (part 3 of Article 30 and part 4 of Article 159 CCRF) after they persuaded  a retired woman to register her apartment in another person’s name. Then it turned out that Naumov and Spiridonov were involved in the disappearance of pensioner Valery Shipov, whose apartment was also registered for nominees.

It was found that Shipov’s apartment was sold for 5.5 million rubles ($ 83,500) to Vyacheslav Milekhin, Sergey Kim's father-in-law, who is also the person of interest.

A few more cases of missing single pensioners in Lefortovo were also reported. The connection of the suspects with these disappearances is being established. The officers were dismissed from law enforcement for committing an offense that tarnished the honor of the police officer. They are currently under arrest.



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