Leader of Taganskaya criminal group accused of murder from 11 years ago; gang’s members held for trial

Leader of Taganskaya criminal group accused of murder from 11 years ago; gang’s members held for trial
One of the defendants in the case Grigory Rabinovich

Igor Zhirnokleev is being suspected of massacre of Rospishcheprom CEO Valery Zhuravlev in 2008.

The day before, the Investigative Committee accused leader of Taganskaya criminal group Igor Zhirnokleev (aka Zhirny) under item 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder committed by a group of persons with prior agreement), reports TASS with reference to its source within law enforcement.

It is about the murder of Rospishcheprom CEO Valery Zhuravlev in 2008.

The defendants in the case were investigated by Russia’s Federal Security Service representatives. The case was being kept in the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow and was later forwarded to the central office of the Investigative Committee. Zhirnokleev has recently been detained. Investigative activities are being carried out: he is being interrogated; confrontations are being carried out, as well. Other gang’s members - Vladimir Grekov and Grigory Rabinovich - are also held for trial.

Today, the investigation is going to seek placement in detention for Zhirnokleev and is applying the relevant request to Moscow’s Basmanny court.

President of manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical processing industries Valery Zhuravlev was murdered in the south-west of Moscow on February 6, 2008.

Prior to his death, he contacted law enforcement authorities with an appeal on raider seizure of a building that belonged to his company on 1-y Tverskoy-Yamskoy lane. Upon his appeal, criminal case was initiated in late January, 2008, however the murder was committed a few days after.

Igor Zhirnokleev (aka Zhirny) is considered a criminal ‘heavyweight’ and a leader of Taganskaya criminal group. He actively took part in a raider seizure of Moscow companies, including Department store of Moscow. He uses strongarm methods in his activity which is no surprise for a criminal world representative. He’s been in the ‘thieves in law’ circles for several years. In particular, he keeps in touch with ‘thieves in law’ Taro, Merab Sukhumsky and his brother Levan, Jemo and many others, as well as leaders of other criminal groups.

Other active member of the gang Grigory Rabinovich was considered a ‘deputy’ of Zhirnokleev. Rabinovich is a defendant in two criminal cases. The first one was initiated in 2000 St.Petersburg Tax Police Department for non-payment of taxes (item 2 of article 199 of the Criminal Code); another one - initiated in 2005 by police division in Moscow under item 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code).



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