Leader of raiders gang from 90-s did not manage to shorten his term

Leader of raiders gang from 90-s did not manage to shorten his term
Pavel Fedulev Photo: Vladislav Lonshakov/Kommersant

The Perm regional court refused to include the time that businessman Pavel Fedulev spent in pre-trial detention center into his term for serving punishment.

The Ural businessman, “the hero of the 90-s”, Pavel Fedulev serving sentence for a series of raider captures, contract murders and fraud once again tried to reduce his sentence, Kommersant reports. Fedulev received nearly 20 years of colony under the sentences of 2008, 2011 and 2013. The businessman asked the court to reckon two years in the pre-trial detention center on the case of a swindling at the beginning of the 2000th in his term for serving punishment. In 2004, under this case, the court sentenced him to three years of colony, but released right there under amnesty. As a result district, and then regional courts decided that the verdict on a fraud should be considered as fulfilled. So, time spent by Fedulev in the pre-trial detention center cannot be included in punishment on another criminal cases.

The Perm regional court upheld the decision of the Chusovsky City Court, which refused to count the time businessman Pavel Fedulev spent in the pre-trial detention center in his punishment term. Fedulev was place in the center under suspicion of swindling. According to the investigation, the businessman received bills of the Most-Bank from representatives of the company Ural-Start for sale of 19% of a share block of Kachkanarsky Mining and Processing Plant. However, he did not hand the plant’s financial credit documents. Fedulev spent about two years in the pre-trial detention center, while investigating officers were collecting evidential base. As a result, on April 19, 2004, by the decision of the Savelovsky District Court of Moscow Pavel Fedulev was sentenced to a real term of imprisonment, but on the next day he was released under amnesty to the 55 anniversary of the Victory. In November 2006, the raider was detained again and on April 10 2007 sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment on a charge of organization of riots and occupation of Oboronsnabsbyt. All the years, while Fedulov was serving his sentence, the investigation of other episodes of his case continued.

The Pavel Fedulev's defender insists that by rules of cumulative offenses, the time that the businessman spent in the pre-trial detention center should be included in the term of final punishment. However, the Perm Regional Court came to a conclusion that the trial court made a correct decision.

We will note that earlier, the raider’s punishment had already been mitigated. Fedulev’s lawyers managed to appeal against the verdict of the Kirov district court of Yekaterinburg. In particular, in 2014, punishment for arms trafficking and ammunition was softened, as Fedulev was not considered as the organizer of the crime. As the result, three years in the colony were “knocked off” of the businessman’s punishment and in total he received 20 years in prison, 8 years of which, by that time, he had already served.

Pavel Fedulev became known in the 90-s. Tens of plants in the Russian regions were under his control at different times. Investigation of cases against Pavel Fedulev begun in 1995 and it contains 18 criminal cases. For the new charges, brought in 2011 (the organized criminal grouping organization, a series of murders, swindling episodes, infringement of the police officer's life) Fedulev might have faced life imprisonment, but he managed to avoid it by concluding a plea deal, naming the names of accomplices and persons involved in criminal episodes. Thus new cases were initiated not only against members of the Fedulev’s organized criminal grouping, but also against law enforcement officers and government employees. For example a new criminal case (Bribe Taking) was initiated against the managing director of Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Dubinkin, who was detained under the case of plunder of one billion pension money from VEFK-Ural bank. Fedulev reported that at the end of 1997-1998 Dubinkin personally got from him a bribe in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.

Now Pavel Fedulev serves the penalty imposed by sentences of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court and the Kirov Court of Yekaterinburg in one of colonies. Together he was appointed a sentence of 19 years and 11 months of imprisonment. It is supposed that the leader of raider OCG will be released after 10 years in 2026. Fedulev will be 58 years old.



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