Leader of killers gang Aslan Gagiev being convoyed to Russia by plane despite "aerophobia"

Leader of killers gang Aslan Gagiev being convoyed to Russia by plane despite "aerophobia"
Aslan Gagiev

The crime boss, known under nickname Dzhako, is currently flying from Vienna to Moscow, accompanied by representatives of the Russian National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol.

Aslan Gagiev, accused of creating a criminal community and a standing armed group, has been extradited to Russia from Austria, according to the official website of the Russian MIA.

The leader of a killers gang declared internationally wanted in 2014 and detained in Austria in January 2015, is accused of committing crimes under Art. 210, part 1 of Art. 209, part 2 of Art. 105, part 3 of Art. 222, part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code.

Today, at the airport in Vienna, Austrian police handed Aslan Gagiev to representatives of the Interpol’s Russian National Central Bureau (NCB), MIA and FSIN. At present, accompanied by a special convoy, he is on his way to Moscow, - said the official spokesperson of the Russian MIA, Irina Volk.

This clarification is worthy of note when it comes to the extradition of Gagiev. After the Supreme Court of Austria rejected the complaints of his lawyers about the decision of the Vienna Regional Court on his extradition in late March, the issue of escorting him to Russia by train or by motor transport was raised. According to medical documents, Aslan Gagiev suffers from a rare form of aerophobia, which once hampered his extradition to Russia.

In 2017, because of this illness, Gagiev was practically removed from the aircraft, which was supposed to bring the accused to Moscow. Before Dzhako was sent to the Vienna airport, his defense provided a certificate stating that the prisoner started to have a rare form of aerophobia, which developed during his stay in the Austrian prison and which could kill him during the flight to Russia. While the officials of the Ministry of Justice and Interpol were dealing with the document, the lawyers re-appealed to the court with a complaint about all the decisions previously made on Dzhako’s extradition.

The law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation consider Dzhako the creator and leader of one of the most brutal criminal communities, complicit in at least 60 murders of officials, including Mayor of Vladikavkaz Vitaly Karaev and Vice-Premier of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiev, bankers, entrepreneurs and law enforcement officers, committed within a few years since 2004. In total, the gang of Gagiev included about 50 people, with former siloviki and military men among them.

At present 17 members of the criminal organization are sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, including life terms. In February, Gagiev’s right-hand man Artur Dzhioev was extradited to by Greece. 14 people remain in custody, eight people have been put on international and federal wanted lists.



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