Leader of Kazan OCG replaced life sentence to 24 years in prison

Leader of Kazan OCG replaced life sentence to 24 years in prison
Azat Zaripov

The Supreme Court (SC) of Russia changed the sentence to the former leader of one of the oldest Kazan OCG Novotatarka Azat Zaripov, who in recent years was the imam-khatib, and six of his associate.

In October 2015, the SC Tatarstan jurors recognized them, depending on the role of everyone, convicted of banditry, killings, assassinations and arms trafficking. Zaripov, as gang founder, received a life sentence. The other were nominated from seven to 23 years in prison.

Under the influence of Kazan organized crime group Novotatarka were the bus station, river port, fur association. In 1994, the group split into teams, one of which - Tsentrovskie – were headed by Zaripov. Gang members in internal conflicts committed a number of murders and attempted murders.

The judgment was appealed by prisoners and the Prosecutor's Office, speaking for the mitigation of punishment to Zaripov. The SC Board agreed that the sentence handed down in violation of Art. 78 of the Criminal Code (Exemption from Criminal Responsibility for the lapse of time). It states that "if the court considers it possible to exempt from liability in connection with the lapse of time, the life sentence does not apply." Lapses of time under murder were not applied to Zaripov. Also Board considered that the gang  existet not up to 2005, as stated in the judgment, but until 1999, and freed convicts from punishment for banditry of the lapse of time.

The SC appointed Zaripov 24 years imprisonment in a maximum regime penal colony. Some prisoners have reduced the period from one to three years.



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