Leader of Kazakhstani OCG detained in Russia

Leader of Kazakhstani OCG detained in Russia

In his homeland, he has attempted to seize a factory belonging to a citizen of South Korea.

Last weekend, repeatedly convicted leader of a crime group from Kazakhstan Rafael Bikbaev was detained in the Ramenskoe district of the Moscow region. The operation was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with their colleagues from Kazakhstan. During his detention, it turned out that he had lived in Russia with a fake passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic.

August 2 this year, Bikbaev was declared internationally wanted after a citizen of South Korea, engaged in business in the territory of South Kazakhstan region, complained to the police of Kazakhstan. He said that in 2014, he built a factory for processing raw materials in the aforementioned territory. Then he was visited by Bikbaev’s underbosses, who made him re-register the factory in the name of one of the OCG members. According to the press service of the Kazakhstan MIA, operatives detained 9 participants of the crime group, who confessed to the illegal seizure of the factory and testified against Bikbaev, in the city of Shymkent (Kazakhstan) in late June. August 2, 2017, Bikbaev was declared internationally wanted.

In addition, there are other similar crimes in Bikbaev’s account, including extortion with the use of violence as part of a group and hooliganism.

It is known that Bikbaev formed his gang in 2006 after being released from prison. Soon, his OCG began to engage in extortion and participate in criminal struggles for spheres of influence in Shymkent.

Ever since then, the local law enforcers had made repeated attempts to stop the activities of the organized crime group. In 2008, Bikbaev was detained for illegally storing a large consignment of heroin, intended for distribution in prisons, as well as for resisting detention.

During the same period, one of his underbosses – the ‘alpha dog’ of the criminal community Kanat Myrzabaev aka Tito – was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property; Tito is known for committing assaults on drivers of heavy vehicles.

The issue of Bikbaev's extradition to Kazakhstan is currently being resolved.



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