Leader of crime group Zakhar confesses to murders of 2 entrepreneurs and founder of his gang

Leader of crime group Zakhar confesses to murders of 2 entrepreneurs and founder of his gang
Sergey Zakharov during detention

The criminal - who is already serving his sentence in a colony - will face another term.

Moscow city court found the arrest of a leader of an organized crime group Sergey Zakharov legal, reports Kommersant. In 1990s, his gang operated in the South of Moscow and Moscow region and controlled Danilovsky market, several restaurants, car showrooms, and publishing houses; it also dealt with murders, abductions of businessmen and extortion of money.

At the present time, 51-year-old Zakharov (known as Zakhar within the criminal circles) is serving his 17 years’ sentence that was supposed to be over this year. However, he has recently confessed to involvement in murder of deputy CEO of NP ORVTs Vympel Ivan Medunov who had refused to start being ‘protected’ by the gang; the murder was committed in late 1990s. He also confessed of involvement in 1999 abduction and murder of an owner of an oil company MTK Finans Maksim Konygin (the abductors demanded $750 thousand for him, but did not receive the money), as well as murder of his partner and another founder of the gang Gennady Pushkov committed in 1994.

Zakharov met the former PE teacher Pushkov in the gym the latter owned in 1992. They and other people - including a karate master Andrey Borisov, a fighter Aleksander Burlakov, as well as Aleksander Danilov and Dmitry Romanov - created the criminal gang that had initially been headed by Gennady Pushkov and Aleksander Kushner.

The gang did not cooperate with other crime groups and did not give its tributes to the pooled cash fund. Within the criminal circles, it was known as ‘the gang of creeps’ that did not recognize any regulations and agreements.

Due to the fact that Zakharov wanted to be the gang’s leader personally, he damaged relations with Pushkov. After that, Pushkov was killed at the entrance of his office in 1994. That same year, the gang’s another leader Kushner went missing, as well. After that, Zakharov became the gang’s leader, and the gang was called Zakharovskiye.

In late 1990s, law enforcement agencies turned their attention to Zakharov following a failed assassination attempt on his former partner Oleg Khozyainov. 2 killers were detained and squealed on the gang’s leader during investigation.

In 2001, a militia officer accidentally met Zakharov outdoors. The operative recognized the ‘authority’ despite the fact that the latter had changed his appearance by cultivating his beard and dying his hair. Zakharov was detained. Then, only one murder - of a son of a businessman who had refused to pay tributes - could be proved in court.

In 2003, 3 members of the gang - Sergey Zakharov, Aleksander Borisov and a master of sports in boxing Aleksander Burlakov - were brought to justice. Other 2 members - Dmitry Romanov and Aleksander Danilov - are still on a wanted list. All of them were found guilty of banditry (article 209 of Russia’s Criminal Code), murders (item 2 of article 102 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and article 105 of Russia’s Criminal Code), abduction (article 126 of Russia’s Criminal Code), and extortion (article 163 of Russia’s Criminal Code). Sergey Zakharov was sentenced to 21 years in a strict regime colony. Aleksander Borisov and Aleksander Burlakov got 14 and 7 years, respectively. Borisov and Burlakov are out of prison now. Zakharov managed to shorten the sentence.

It is unknown why he decided to make a confession. His lawyer did not comment upon the matter. It is known that Zakharov had recently been transferred from a Vladimir region-based colony to a detention unit in Moscow.



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