Large criminal network being formed on basis of fighting clubs for migrants

Large criminal network being formed on basis of fighting clubs for migrants

In illegal fighting clubs for immigrants from Central Asia they teach not only wrestling, but also use cold and firearms.

A source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs shared the new statistics – Central Asian ethnic groups are committing more and more criminal offenses.

And if previously migrant workers violated the law, now the criminal structure of athletes from Asia is getting stronger.

According to NTV, groups are formed on the basis of illegal fighting clubs. Only in the capital there are about fifty of similar institutions.

Aleksey Oleinik, an MMA fighter, commented on the current situation to the journalists: “To make some kind of group consisting of the dregs of society <...> as a rule, they teach non-sports skills <...> they teach how to break locks, shoot some firearms, use a knife."

According to NTV, as a rule, such sports clubs even have their own warehouses with firearms.

A former MIA official, Mikhail Ignatov, said that many gangs could not yet manifest themselves, and therefore, law enforcement officers may not know about them. Nevertheless, he warned that the “X hour” could come, and all these organized criminal groups would appear throughout Moscow.

So far, disassembly often occurs between representatives of different nationalities – the ICR records shootouts and stabbing.

NTV journalists are wondering: "Who and why is raising an entire army of trained fighters from Central Asia?"

At the moment, none of the experts can give an accurate answer.



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