Owner of rental unit sniffs out Orekhovo killers

Owner of rental unit sniffs out Orekhovo killers
Sergey Frolov, also known as Bolton

The media learned about previously unknown details of how the fugitive Orekhovo killers Igor Sosnovskiy (known as Chipita) and Sergey Frolov (known as Bolton) were arrested in the Tver Region.⁠

It was not the detectives, who sniffed out the perpetrators, but the owner, who rented them an apartment in the Tver Region. The information was provided by the Head of Main Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Moscow Region Andrey Markov in an interview to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper

According to the MK, the woman was vigilant and made a copy of her tenant’s forged passport and decided to check if he had a record in the law enforcement database. When the photo was checked, it turned to be identical with one of the wanted killers. After that, the tenant’s identity was revealed. This woman shared this information with the police.

Sosnovskiy and Frolov had remained internationally wanted for 17 years, and were finally arrested in August 2015. Initially it was reported that the security agents managed to find the criminals by monitoring their telephone calls – several dozen devices had been confiscated from their house. Despite the fact that leadership of the once mighty gang had long been destroyed, its remaining members still manage to escape from justice. Thus, according to official data, six of the Orekhovo gangsters are still at large, and are likely to be hiding abroad.

As for Chipita and Bolton, after the arrest they began to confess. In the course of the investigation, the killers said they had been responsible for the murder of a prominent lawyer Tatyana Akimtseva and another lawyer Vitaly Moiseev and his wife.



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