Krivoi from Prokop’s gang got 24 years in jail

Krivoi from Prokop’s gang got 24 years in jail
Gang leader Mikhail Prokopiev

The Kirov Regional Court announced the verdict to one of the leaders of Prokop’s gang Sergei Krivoshein, also known by the nickname Krivoi (Crooked).

According to  Kommersant, Krivoshein, who was considered Prokop’s right-hand man, has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Apart from him, the court announced sentences to three hitmen belonging to the gang: Dmitry Izmestiev, Sergey Shirin and Roman Kara, who have been given a total of 60 years in prison.

The investigation believes that Izmestiev was involved in attempted assassination of two members of a rival gang, as well as in the murder of Anatoly Gorbushin, the director of Vyatsky commercial center. Sergey Shirin and Roman Kara are believed to be associated with murdering of two other members of the rival gang.

The Prokop’s gang was founded in Kirov’s Fileyka district between 1993 and 1994 and has been engaged in illegal activities in the Kirov region for at least 10 years. The gang mainly dealt with extortion and protection racket of businesses. Those who refused to pay for protection were killed. According to the investigation, between 1996 and 2003, the gang committed about a dozen of murders and attempted murders of Kirov’s businessmen.

In particular, Prokop’s gang is suspected in the murder of Doveriye director, the rival gang leader Roman Gorodchikov, the head of Ayaks PSA Pavel Senin, the businessman Evgeny Yolkin (some say he had also been associated with the rival gang), the tea factory director Igor Gaidash, the director of Vyatsky commercial center Anatoly Gorbushin, as well as the leaders of another Kirov criminal group – Gagarin’s gang, Roman Koykov and Andrey Pinaev, who had been planning to assassinate the leaders of Prokop’s gang.

According to investigators, Sergey Krivoshein was one of the gang’s founders and had an enormous clout in the criminal circles. Krivoi would recruit new members, provide them with weapons and mastermind specific crimes the gang was going to commit.

According to the testimony of a former gang member Valery Natykach (Tkach – Weaver) first detentions were made in 2014. Michael Prokopyev himself as well as the other gang leaders were arrested in Moscow in 2015.



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