Krasnoyarsk gang of killers killing former officials sentenced to prison

Krasnoyarsk gang of killers killing former officials sentenced to prison

In the Krasnoyarsk Region, members of a criminal gang pleaded guilty of murder, armed robbery and theft.

According to the Investigative Committee, the victims of the gang included Valery Nikitin, head of Akademsity, one of the largest construction companies in the region, who was shot in 2006, and the head of the legal division of the Department of Architecture of Krasnoyarsk.

Investigative agencies could not found who stood behind the specific crimes.

Recently the press service of the Investigative Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Krasnoyarsk Region reported that a court found guilty eight members of the organized crime grouping involved in a series of high-profile crimes.

The court found them guilty of multiple murders and attempted murders, including contract killings, in the holdups,  robberies, and intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.

The investigators have established that the first high-profile crime of the criminal gang was a murder of Krasnoyarsk businessman Valery Nikitin. The man was shot to death on June 5, 2006, at the entrance to the house on Prospect Mira street, where he rented an apartment.

Then, during the murder investigation, it was found that the killers attacked him from behind, inflicting five bullet wounds in his back.

Prosecutors claim that the organizer of the murder of a businessman is a 35-year-old leader of the Krasnoyarsk gang. He found the perpetrator, handed him the pistol, pointed out the potential victim, and provided information on his movements.

Nikitin was waylaid by a killer at lunchtime and was gunned down from behind. At that time, investigating authorities considered whether the case was linked with his work. The murdered businessman was involved in organizing the construction of multi-story residential buildings. Investigators have not yet established a motive for this killing. 

In 2007, members of the gang attacked the counsel to the Abalakovsky shopping center. By request of an unknown customer, killers have tried to disguise his murder as an accident. The victim went on foot, as the criminals anticipated, and they struck him with a car. Despite receiving serious injuries, the man managed to survive.

The third victim of gang members was the head of the legal division of the Department of Architecture of the Krasnoyarsk city administration, Anastasia Goncharova. An assault on her was committed in 2010.

The prosecution indicates that a leader of the gang hired three unemployed Krasnoyarsk citizens to conduct an assassination. Two of them disfigured a city clerk’s face with the neck of a broken bottle in the course of the crime.

Curiously enough, the investigators also failed to establish the motive for the assault, as well as the commission of the crime. Immediately after the assault, the investigators were considering several motives, including her professional activity.

Then the bandits killed and dismembered a resident of Krasnoyarsk, who was previously a victim of theft. Criminals demanded that he transfered the title of his car to them. The man asked police for help and reported the offenders’ demands. By way of punishment, the gang members decided to kill him and throw his dismembered body into the Yenisei River.

The court found the gang members guilty of all of the alleged crimes and sentenced them to from 4 to 22.5 years in jail, depending on a degree of guilt of each offender. 



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