Koreets from Tambovskaya OCG shot in St. Petersburg. Killer fled in white Mercedes

Koreets from Tambovskaya OCG shot in St. Petersburg. Killer fled in white Mercedes
Killer shot Koreets in the parking lot outside a restaurant Photo: Still from the video

Sergey Yugay is in the hospital in serious condition. He has suffered three bullet wounds to the chest and the abdomen.

Former member of the Tambovskaya OCG, Sergey Yugay aka Koreets (Korean), was shot on Savushkin Street in St. Petersburg in the evening on Saturday, September 22.

He was shot as he was leaving the restaurant Yunost’. Street cam caught him being shot. In total, Sergey Yugay suffered three bullet wounds. The bullets went into his abdomen and chest. What that footage captures is that the killer even picked up all spent cartridges from the ground. He fled the scene in a white Mercedes, Fontanka reports.

It is noteworthy that September 17, gangland businessman Badri Shengelia was shot in the Leningrad region also by a white Mercedes. However, the car that shot Shengelia had a Finnish license plate, and Koreets was shot by a foreign vehicle with region 198 on its license plate.

It is only by chance that 39-year-old Sergey Yugay did not die at the scene of the crime. He was urgently taken to the Mariinsky hospital, where he underwent surgery. At the moment, Yugay is in a severe condition.

Koreets was a frequent participant in criminal showdowns in the 90s. In 1995, he was detained for shooting on the Vasilyevsky Island, and in 1996, he was sentenced to 10 years in the colony for a series of raids. Yugay was released on parole in 2002. However, he remained at large for only half a year. Then he was detained again; this time, for extortions and kidnappings. According to the case file, he would cut ears to his reluctant victims. In 2005, Koreets was sentenced to 15 and a half years’ rigorous imprisonment. Having served ten years, he broke out of prison. The fugitive was found on Kamennoostrovsky Avenue after a few days of being wanted. Sergey Yugay was released from colony about half a year ago. Once he was free, he bought himself a black Infiniti for 5 million rubles ($75.700) with “777” on its license plate. It was in this car that he got to the Yunost’ restaurant on September 22.

As for the killer in the white Mercedes, according to Fontanka, the actual owner of the car is Sergey Grechnevkin. He also has convictions – for armed robbery and drugs. Since the beginning of this year, Grechnevkin has violated traffic rules over 60 times.

The killer and the victim have a mutual acquaintance, namely, the brother of Tambovskaya ‘brigadier’ Maksim Smirnyagin, Aleksey. Aleksey Smirnyagin becomes known to the general public in connection with the case of the murder of rector of the St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics Aleksandr Viktorov in 2012. As a witness, Smirnyagin testified against ex-official Vasily Solovyev.

According to Fontanka, law enforcers are currently looking for Sergey Grechnevkin and Aleksey Smirnyagin.



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