Komi: Members of Ivanhoe OCG from Gaizer’s case sentenced to suspended terms

Komi: Members of Ivanhoe OCG from Gaizer’s case sentenced to suspended terms

The Kortkerossky District Court of Syktyvkar has announced the verdict to the former defendants of the Gaizer's case, charged with illegal circulation of arms, ammunition, and explosive devices, the press service of Komi Republic Prosecutor's Office reports.

It is known that the four members of Ivanhoe OCG included the former defendants of Gaizer's case, the businessmen brothers Yury and Aleksandr Bondarenko.

According to the investigation, in 2005-2012, two residents of Syktyvkar would purchase weapons and ammunition by orders of the Bondarenko brothers. After that, they would monitor the state of the munition depot and provided for its secret transportation to the caches in Syktyvkar and Moscow.

September 20, the court handed down convictions against all four persons. As reported by the prosecutor's office, the court accounted for the fact that the persons involved in the criminal case on the illicit trafficking in arms had fully recognized their guilt, confessed, and taken an active part in the investigative activities.

All participants of the eliminated OCG were sentenced to suspended terms. One of them received 3 years and 1 month suspended sentence with a probation period of 3 years, and the rest got three years probation.

ProGorod notes that year ago, charges of participation in a criminal community were lifted from one of the defendants, Yury Bondarenko, since the defense proved that the businessman had left the OCG in 2007.



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