Klyuchevskie OCG members accused of killing kickboxer 23 years ago 

Klyuchevskie OCG members accused of killing kickboxer 23 years ago
Klyuchevskie hitman Vladislav Telkin aka Telych

The ICR Investigations Directorate in the Transbaikal region continues to investigate crimes of the OCG suspected of committing at least 12 murders. 11 gang members were arrested as a part of an initiative to lower Transbaikal crime rates.

New details of the crimes committed by the gang have been revealed. The gang was run by gangland businessman Konstantin Klyuchevsky in the 1990s and 2000s.

According to Zabaykalsky Rabochy, the gang strangled Andrey Dukmasov in a forest outside Chita on September 28, 1995. Dukmasov was a promising boxer and kickboxer. He studied at the Chita Teachers’ Colleague at the PE Department.

The victim left home by a car that day, according to Zabaykalsky Rabochy’s source familiar with the case file. He waved goodbye to his mother standing on a balcony. No one saw him alive after that.

The gang also strangled another young man that day, the publication noted. Both victims were local criminals. They were in their early twenties in 1995.

Gang leaders Klyuchevsky, Kalinin, and Zharov ordered to kill them. They themselves were killed 10 years later.

All four hitmen were arrested. This includes Vladislav Telkin arrested in the Vladimir region in the fall of 2017 after 12 years of hiding.

Klyuchevskie OCG operated in Transbaikal from 1995 to 2005. It specialized in armed attacks on people aimed at establishing criminal control over them, killing competitors, extorting money, and stealing from businesspeople.

The investigation into the gang’s activities took off after Vladislav Telkin aka Telych was arrested outside of Vladimir. He had been on the wanted list for over 10 years. He is suspected of orchestrating a number of murders, including those of rival gang leaders Konstantin Klyuchevsky and Evgeny Zharov. They were killed in downtown Chita in May 2005. In addition, there are new reports on crimes against residents of Chita and Irkutsk region.

Other gang members were arrested soon, including former local Duma Deputy Dmitry Nepomnyashchy. 10 defendants and other gang members are responsible for at least 9 attacks and 12 murders, according to investigators.

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While investigating the case, the police confiscated an armory of weapons and ammunition, including two RPG-26 anti-tank grenade launchers, five F-1 grenades, eight TNT sticks, four AK rifles, five SKS carbines, a Nagan revolver, six pistols (gas and traumatic pistols modified to use battle ammunition), 9,500 rounds, explosive metals, and makeshift explosives.

Video: Police arrest active Klyuchevskie OCG member



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