Klyuchevskie gang faces new charges over 12 murders 

Klyuchevskie gang faces new charges over 12 murders
At the site of murder of Konstantin Kluchevsky and Evgeny Zharov, gang's leaders

At the moment, more than a dozen members of the group have been detained.

A criminal case was initiated against members of the Klyuchevskie criminal group that was committing crimes in Transbaikalia under the Article Creation of Stable Armed Group (gang) (parts 1 and 2 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code). This was reported by the press service of the Investigative Department of the ICR in the Trans-Baikal Territory. According to the investigation, ten accused and other persons of the Klyuchevskie gang are involved in at least nine attacks on citizens, during which 12 people were killed.

The new circumstances of the crimes, whose victims were residents of Chita and the Irkutsk region, were revealed during interrogation of one of the suspects, who had previously been detained in Vladimir. Recall, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Trans-Baikal Territory, officers of the Criminal Investigation Department managed to detain regular killer of the gang Vladislav Telkin (Telych), who was on the federal wanted list for more than ten years, in October 2017. He is suspected of organizing a number of murders, including the murder of rival gangs ringleaders Konstantin Kluchevsky and Evgeny Zharov, committed in the center of Chita in May 2005. Soon the police detained other members of the organized crime group, including former Duma deputy Dmitry Nepomnyashchy, aka Dem. Earlier, another member of the gang, former son-in-law of the Minister of Culture of the region, Alexey Guskov, known as Gus, who was a deputy of the city Duma of Chita from the United Russia party, was detained. He concluded a plea deal, proving charges over robbery and illegal possession of weapons. In 2007, the court sentenced the ex-deputy to 8 and a half years of a strict-regime colony, he was released from the colony on parole. In total, in October-November 2017, eleven members of the gang were detained.

Gang's cache Gang's cache
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During the investigation of the criminal case, the investigators seized a large number of weapons and ammunition, including two RPG-26 antitank grenade launchers, five F-1 grenades, eight TNTs, four Kalashnikov assault rifles, a SCS carbine, a Nagan revolver, six pistols, remade from gas and traumatic guns. Police also seized about 9500 various cartridges, as well as other explosives and improvised explosive devices. In addition, during the searches, about 50 passports of residents of the Chita region, 30 driver's licenses of different regions, 10 pairs of license plates and three certificates of police officers, lost under various circumstances, were found.

Klyuchevskie gang operated on the territory of Transbaikalia during 1995-2005. The main purpose of the group was an armed attack on citizens to establish criminal control, elimination of its competitors, extortion and embezzlement of merchant's property.



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