Kirov MP praised intellectual features of brutal Prokop

Kirov MP praised intellectual features of brutal Prokop
Mikhail Prokopyev

Kirov City Duma deputy Vladimir Zhuravlev was summoned to court to testify in the case of the Prokop gang.

The Kirov City Council Deputy was summoned to court to testify in the case of the leaders of the gang Prokopovskiye Mikhail Prokopyev and Pavel Kolpakov, who are the suspects in the murder of the businessman Pavel Senin. The businessman was shot dead in the entrance hall of his house on June 1, 1998. Senin was the Deputy Head of the security agency. His competence, inter alia, included the issues of interaction with various commercial structures. Senin’s widow demanded five million rubles in moral damages from the alleged killers of her husband.

As part of the case on Senin’s murder, in the court, the Deputy of the Kirov City Duma Vladimir Zhuravlev was questioned as a witness. He said that he was familiar with the murdered businessman since the times when they had been working for the security company Argus. Soon, they both left Argus, after which their ways parted: Zhuravlev opened his own business, and Senin received a license of the private security guard and became a member of Ajax agency. The MP told the court that he did not know whether the businessman was connected with criminal organizations, but his former bosses – managers Argus – could have some problems with Senin. According to him, he had learned about the murder of his old friend during training in Germany. After the death of the businessman, the MP had no contact with his family.

According to the parliamentarian, private security firms were not associated with crime, but only protected businesses from raiders. At that, referring to the alleged leader of the group Prokopyev, Zhuravlev praised his high intellectual abilities and discernable leadership skills.



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