Killers in epaulets: case of Tyumen turncoats from FSB came to finish line 

Killers in epaulets: case of Tyumen turncoats from FSB came to finish line
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The Ural District Military Court in Yekaterinburg continues the trial of the high-profile case of the Tyumen "FSB gang", whose members are accused of committing a series of serious crimes. The CrimeRussia analyzed the course of the investigation, and also found out some details and circumstances of shocking episodes of crimes committed by “killers in epaulets.”

"Competition" for cooperation with the investigation

There were three employees of the Russian special services in the main composition of the OCG that operated in the region in the period 2008-2017: FSB captain Vladimir Gilev, officer of the operational activities support (OSOM) department of the FSB, Lieutenant Alexey Korotkov and FSB ensign Evgeny Gladkikh. It is known that Alexey Korotkov made a deal with the investigation, having surrendered his accomplices and weapons stored in the garage of the Collector-2 SSC in Tyumen. For this reason, his case was considered in a special order, and, apparently, because of the help to the investigation, he managed to avoid life imprisonment: in December 2018, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison in a strict-regime colony with a fine of 500 thousand rubles ($7,800). Korotkov was charged with seven murders and 13 episodes of robbery and kidnapping. In court, he said that he repented and asked for a softer punishment. There is information that in the future he will stand on the side of the charges against his accomplices.

Video: Member of Tyumen hitmen's gang convicted in Yekaterinburg   

“I am ready to pay all the victims for the claims, the amount is at the discretion of the court,” said Korotkov in court. However, the special treatment of the case does not give him the right to appeal the sentence. It is noteworthy that the judicial verdict was rendered on December 20, exactly on the professional holiday of the Chekists – the Day of the Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Ex-security officer Yevgeny Gladkikh served in the FSB since 2008: he was fired at the end of April 2017 after being detained. He is awaiting trial, not admitting his guilt.


Yevgeny Gladkikh does not admit his guilt

Together with him, the sambo coach Alexander Kobylin is in the dock. In the period 2010-2013 he trained the FSB officers in Tyumen: he joined the "FSB gang" in the spring of 2015.


Kobylin was a children's coach for a long time

According to sources close to the investigation, Kobylin also tried to cooperate, arguing that during the arrest he had slandered himself under pressure, while claiming that he was a victim of circumstances, who had been drawn into dark deeds. Like, he was forced to be a part of the gang, as he was afraid for himself and his family. But Kobylin’s proposal on the pre-trial agreement was rejected because he did not inform the investigators of the new circumstances of the case. In March last year, Alexander Kobylin sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with a request to sort out his case, which, however, remained unanswered.  

Also in the structure of the organized criminal group for some time there was unemployed, repeatedly convicted Sergey Sinyakov, who, together with accomplices, is awaiting a court verdict. 

One escaped, the other committed suicide 

But the former operative of the Tyumen MIA, Sergey Zozulya, who was part of the gang for the first couple of years, is now on the international wanted list via Interpol and arrested in absentia by the court. In his file, which is marked with a "red corner", which means a request for detention and immediate extradition, it is noted that he is wanted for robbery and murder committed by an organized group in a preliminary conspiracy.   


Zozulya is sought for robberies and murders committed by a group of individuals 

As for one of the founders of the “FSB gang”, and, according to the investigators, the leader of the group, Vladimir Gilev, he committed suicide by cutting his throat in May 2017 after being sent to jail No. 2 of Zavodoukovsk of the Tyumen region. Gilev was a FSB special forces sniper, had departmental awards, was a participant in hostilities, repeatedly went on missions to the North Caucasus. It is noteworthy that a message was posted on the Odnoklassniki social network that a farewell to Vladimir Gilev, who died during the performance of his official assignment, will take place on May 23, 2017. 


The suicide of criminal Gilev was represented by someone as a heroic death 

It is worth noting that all members of the organized criminal group from the officers of the special services were in the “hot spots”, which for a long time helped them to pass the annual check of the internal affairs service without hindrance.

It is known that the criminals were pursuing a single goal: easy extraction of money, extorting them from local entrepreneurs (mainly “cashiers”), in respect of whom they carried out various kinds of terrifying actions. Also, the gang was engaged in robbery, kidnapping and murder.

It is worth emphasizing that the history of one of the most bloody organized criminal groups of recent years ended for the head of the FSB Directorate for the Tyumen region, Major General Vadim Pyatiletov with resigning. Also, his first deputy, the head of the personnel department and the department’s own security department of the FSB branch in the region were sent to resign.


After the publication of information about the case of the "FSB gang," Major General Pyatiletov was dismissed 

In the style of "dashing 90s"

According to the investigation, the FSB gang committed its first crime in December 2008, having stolen from the Tyumen Vodokanal office a safe, as they expected, with 2.6 million rubles ($40,000). The Chekists knew about the presence of such a sum of money in the said safe, since on the eve they carried out investigative actions in the office of this company. However, having opened a “treasure” in the forest, the kidnappers found only 5,000 rubles ($80) in it.

On the night of December 30 of the same year, according to a tip from Sergey Zozulya, then officer of the Economic Crime Division, the group “went to work” in the village of Reshety, to the cottage to the rich entrepreneur, “cashier,” Dmitry Klovanych. Having beaten and tied up the owner of the house, they found money in the amount of 200,000 rubles ($3,100) and jewelry worth 2.5 million rubles ($39,000). In addition, they took away the laptop from Klovanych, finding out, with the use of torture, the keys and access codes to bank accounts. After the businessman was taken on his own car Mercedes in the woods, where they shot and left the car on the track. According to the investigation, Vladimir Gilev, Alexey Korotkov, Yevgeny Gladkikh and Sergey Zozulya participated in the massacre. Subsequently, money from Klovanich’s accounts was transferred to offshore.

His body was found only on July 1, 2009. It is worth emphasizing that even then the widow of the murdered businessman, testifying, said that among the raiders there could be an operative Zozulya, but for some reason the investigation ignored her words. But in this way it would be possible to stop the activities of this gang at the very beginning! By the way, the widow of the deceased is the only one of all the victims who participated in the hearing of Alexey Korotkov’s case, in whose favor the court collected a total of 5.6 million rubles ($87,000) of material and moral damage.

The ex-driver of the military medical service of the Regional Directorate of the FSB in the Tyumen region, Alexey T., who knew the defendants, is a witness in the two cases mentioned above. In court, he admitted that on the day of the murder of the entrepreneur, at the request of Vladimir Gilev, he drove him, as well as Korotkov and Gladkikh, to the Yozhik cafe in Verkhniy Bor, thinking that they were going there to rest. He also gave a ride to his colleagues a few days before the safe was stolen from the building of the Tyumen Vodokanal building. In 2009, Alexey T. resigned from the FSB.

The owner and CEO of Agrokhimprom holding Leonid Khazan was also the victim of this gang. He disappeared in August 2010, when he was leaving early in the morning from his own summer cottage located near the village of Krasny Yar in Nizhnetavdinsky district: then blood was found at the gate, and the next day his Nissan X-Trail was found in a nearby forest with traces of blood in the cabin. A few days later, the corpse of Khazan with signs of violent death was found nearby.

It is assumed that the "killers of the FSB" could have been implicated in the shooting at the beginning of July 2010 of Tyumen crime lord Ivan Paderin. At that time, he was a subordinate and "right hand" of Yuri Tishenkov (nicknamed Gans), who in 2008 was deprived of the status of thief in law (according to available information, he crossed Yaponchik’s path in the matter of establishing control over the Kurgan customs, was even rude to him on the phone). Thus, in the thieves' world Gans was written off, and in November 2009, he thundered into a detention center on charges of organizing murder and inciting to organize the murder of two competitors. In December 2010, Tishenkov was convicted by the Tyumen Regional Court for 12 years in a penal colony. 


At the moment, Gans is serving a sentence in a high security colony 

The main contender for the title of the Tyumen thief in law was Alexander Babanov (nicknamed Baban). But after the decrowning of the chief, Ivan Paderin remained faithful to him, and against the background of the redistribution of spheres of influence, he managed to create one of the largest organized criminal groups in Tyumen. His killers have not yet been found, however, there is also a version that Paderin fell victim to the revenge of a Chechen group. 


Monument at the grave of Ivan Paderin 

Bloody performances 

In addition to the brutal, but relatively standard murders in the style of "dashing 90s", the Tyumen turncoats theatrically played deadly scenes. So, according to the materials of the investigation, in 2010, a Tyumen petroleum entrepreneur by the name of Samodurov appealed for help to Alexey Korotkov, who wished for an impressive bribe to stop criminal prosecution of tax crimes. Korotkov took the money, which he later shared with Vladimir Gilev, while simply ditching the oilman. When he, without waiting for the resolution of his problem, demanded that the “reward” should be returned, the criminals “tied up” the first available migrant worker from Tajikistan, who turned out to be Kassirov, and after having him drunk with clonidine and dressed him into a suit, took him to the woods with a plastic bag on his head. There they presented this Tajik to the deceived oilman as an intermediary who appropriated the money, after which Kassirov was shot with a shotgun. Seeing the scene of reprisal, the oilman immediately abandoned his demands.

Another bloody performance was played in April 2011. Then Korotkov from a new mobile phone with a SIM card registered to a third party sent an SMS message to a familiar businessman, co-owner of Alliance-99, Bahadir Ibrahimov, demanding payment of a million dollars and threats. He, without suspecting anything, turned to Korotkov for help, who agreed to “fix the topic” for a certain amount. For the extortioner, they again gave out another Tajik migrant named Halmirzuev: he was lured into the forest, promised a part-time job, where he was strangled and the telephone, from which SMS was sent to the deceased, was planted to him. The corpse was shown to the merchant for a report, receiving a reward for “capturing the blackmailer.” It is also known that in 2012 Gladkikh and Korotkov shelled a cafe located on Minskaya Street in Tyumen, and in January 2016 they reported about a false mining of the Tyumen restaurant Kontrabas.   

Test on live targets

It is known that in December 2016, members of the organized criminal group Korotkov and Gladkikh kidnapped two migrants, Toirov and Sayfutdinov. The men were taken from the intersection of Magistralnaya and Timurovtsev streets in Tyumen, where migrants and laborers gather. In fact, they were kidnapped under the pretext of earning money for doing some work at the dacha. The body of the shot Toirov was found at a dump near the village of Arkhangelskoye in the Isetsky district: the victim had four children, the youngest of whom was born after the death of his father. Saifutdinov was tied to a tree in a forest in the Isetsky district, where he was shot after torture. Then in Tyumen there was rumor about xenophobic motives of a certain serial killer. But, judging by the materials of the case, the Chekists simply tested the modified cartridges on the dead migrants in order to make sure that the weapon they used could not be identified by bullets.

According to the brothers of the deceased, who were present at the trial, their relatives were indeed invited to disassemble the sauna, dig up the garden and repair something at the dacha (migrants who were at that time at the intersection of Magistralnaya and Timurovtsev Streets in anticipation of job offers told them about it). 

No statute of limitations

As for the 1994 brutal murder of a girl, that we previously mentioned, she was a young resident of Tyumen Larisa Ryzhkova, who went to a disco at Stroymash Club on the evening of May 15 and did not return. According to the prosecution, she died at the hands of Alexander Kobylin and Sergey Sinyakov on the night of May 16. 


25 years ago Ryzhkov disappeared from this club, now KTZ Baikonur is in this building 

According to the investigator of the prosecutor's office, Yevgeny L., who then conducted the case of Ryzhkov, the girl was cut up with a penknife, and then set on fire. Kobylin and Sinyakov came to the attention of law enforcement officers, since it became known that the last time Ryzhkova was seen in their company: they were supposed to take her home. However, both criminals did not fall under criminal liability, as they immediately left the city. They, according to law enforcement officers, were even declared on the federal wanted list, in which they were listed for about 10 years.

After 25 years, Sinyakov admitted his guilt and told about the murder of Ryzhkova. According to him, the girl was beaten, raped and killed by Kobylin, and Sinyakov himself only kept the victim. She was killed, according to the accused, because she threatened to hand them over to law enforcement for rape and beating. Kobylin, in turn, does not recognize his guilt in the murder of a girl. 

Deadly passengers 

On the evening of June 18, 2015, the 18-year-old Tyumen taxi driver Zakirzhon Kholmurodov, completing the next order, left in the direction of the village of Borovsky, and a week later his body was found at the 12th kilometer of the Chervishevo-Bogandinsky road: he was shot in the head. In the evening of September 19 of the same year, 42-year-old taxi driver Alexander Chashnikov took the order, according to which he had to take a client to the 11th kilometer of the Tyumen-Omsk federal highway. Two days later, Chashnikov’s car with bullet holes and blood in the driver’s seat was found on one of Tyumen’s streets, and a few hours later a driver’s body was found with two gunshot wounds in a roadside ditch near the bypass road. 


Zakirzhon Kholmurodov shot in the head 


Alexander Chashnikov was found dead on a dead-end road near the highway 

It is now known that both taxi drivers were killed by members of the "FSB gang." According to the indictment, Korotkov and Gladkikh got into the car to Kholmurodov as passengers, and Kobylin participated in the similar murder of Chashnikov. Taxi drivers were brutally murdered so that the criminals could seize vehicles for committing new crimes: after the murder of Kholmurodov, the criminals used his Daewoo Nexia, and when the car broke down, they killed Chashnikov because of his Ford Focus.

By the way, on March 12, 2015, Roman Zimin, a mechanical driver at a cardiology center, died in Tyumen under similar circumstances. He worked in a taxi service. He went to the call, after which his body was found in one of the garage cooperatives in the microdistrict Tyumensky-3. But, unlike the murders of Kholmurodov and Chashnikov, the death of Zimin has not yet been disclosed. 


Roman Zimin's killers are still being identified by law enforcers 

The investigation does not disclose details 

It is worth emphasizing that namely the killing of the taxi driver Chashnikov, or rather, the bullets found at the scene of the massacre led the investigation to the arrest of the “FSB gang”. Law enforcement authorities managed to get on the trail of the organized criminal group after a relative of Korotkov decided to “scare” his neighbor in the Tyumen gardeners' non-commercial partnership Plodovoe after a mutual quarrel. Korotkov himself arrived at the "showdown", having shot the windows of the neighbour's summer house from military weapons with the very modified cartridges that the criminals tested on people. The police officers called to the emergency place compared the bullets found to the material evidence they already had.

The killers were not taken immediately: they were “led” for several months. Alexey Korotkov and Yevgeny Gladkikh were detained in April 2017 in Yalutorovsk, soon they arrested Vladimir Gilev, May 2 – Alexander Kobylin and a little later – Sergey Sinyakov. The detention of criminals became known from the regional directorate of the Investigative Committee in July 2017. All materials were immediately sent to the military investigative department of the ICR of the Tyumen garrison.

Military investigators, in whose production the case of the "FSB gang" is, refrain from commenting and do not disclose the details of clerical work. It is also known that the lawyers accused during the investigation gave a non-disclosure subscription. At the same time, there is information that allegedly members of the organized criminal group may be involved in 53 murders: in any case, this figure appeared in the "near-investigation" at the time of the capture of criminals. But not a single source, even under conditions of complete anonymity, is ready to voice the actual number of victims at the hands of the gang. However, according to regional media reports, there are a lot of unsolved crimes on the territory of the Tyumen region in connection with the murders of businessmen and taxi drivers, so it is possible that the “FSB gang” is involved in them. 

Meanwhile, sources of The CrimeRussia reported that a large-scale investigation into the "FSB gang" began with the testimony of the ex-vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev, who was detained in August 2011. 

In June 2014, Konteev was sentenced to 18 years in a penal colony under the articles of the Criminal Code Incitement to murder, Taking a bribe on a large scale, Extortion, and Legalization of property obtained by criminal means. It would seem that the ex-official has been sitting for almost 8 years, what testimony? But everything is much simpler: in May 2017, Konteev was transferred to Yekaterinburg for a medical examination, and in 5 days he managed to give the staff of the Investigation Department of the ICR for Ural Federal Distict valuable information not only about the corrupt activities of the security forces of the region, but also about the actions of FSB killers. It is not excluded that in this way Konteev “earned” himself either easening of the conditions for further detention or partially reducing the term of serving the sentence (review of the case, etc.). 



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