Killers’ gang leader Gagiev discloses name of his henchman from Presidential Administration

Killers’ gang leader Gagiev discloses name of his henchman from Presidential Administration
Aslan Gagiev

The official led the Financial Leasing Company together with the killer.

Leader of the killers' gang Aslan Gagiev aka Dzhako disclosed the name of the former employee of the Presidential Administration, who cooperated with the group. According to The Insider, it was Vladimir Vysotsky.

It is known that Vysotsky began his career in the commission of the Federal Service of Russia for Financial Recovery in the North-West Federal District when it was headed by Viktor Zolotov, the current head of Rosgvardiya. In 2005, Vysotsky joined the board of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), co-owned by Aslan Gagiev. Members of the group, led by Dzhako, called each other 'Family' and lived at the expense of the FLC funds. In addition to FLC, Gagiev was a shadow co-owner of German shipyards Wadan Yards (Nordic Yards). In 2008, this company was bought through various offshore companies. Its actual director was leader of the Tambovsko-Malyshevsky gang Gennady Petrov.

Later, Vladimir Vysotsky became an employee of the Presidential Administration. He worked as a referent on personnel issues and state awards for several years. The publication does not specify the years of Vysotsky's work in the Presidential Administration (AP).

It is worth noting that at the moment there is no department for personnel issues and state awards in the structure of the AP, but there is an office for public service and personnel and state awards departments.

The Insider does not specify the Vysotsky's new place of work.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia wrote that the investigators had completed the investigation of the case against the killers' gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). The case of the leader will be considered separately. He is officially charged with organizing several criminal groups (part 1 of Article 210 and Article 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), as well as six premeditated murders (Article 105 of the Criminal Code).

Investigators consider Dzhako the creator and leader of one of the most brutal criminal communities, which committed at least 60 murders of officials, including the assassination of Vladikavkaz Mayor Vitaly Karaev and Vice-Premier of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiev, bankers, entrepreneurs and law enforcement officers. The gang began to operate since 2004. In total, the gang of Gagiev consisted of 50 people, including former siloviki and military men.

The ICR in the North Caucasus Federal District intends to sue 12 members of the gang, including officers of the special forces unit Bulat of the Interior Ministry troops, award bearers Viktor Pronin and Andrey Sankin, and criminal investigation ex-operative Ruslan Yurtov. They are directly related to the murder of former owner of the German shipyards Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov committed in September 2011. They are charged with shooting the investigator of transport control Alexander Leonov and other serious crimes. In total, 41 murders and attempts were committed.

Earlier, 23 other gang participants got life sentences, another seven are wanted, and Georgy Kusov is awaiting extradition from Belgium.



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