Killers' gang leader Aslan Gagiev does not admit his guilt

Killers' gang leader Aslan Gagiev does not admit his guilt
Aslan Gagiev Photo: Facebook

The killers' gang leader refused to testify.

The Investigative Committee of Russia charged Aslan Gagiev with Creation a Criminal Community (part 1 of Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), heading several gangs that were part of it (Article 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and six deliberate Murders (Article 105 of the Criminal Code). According to Kommersant, Gagiev, known as Dzhako, did not admit his guilt and refused to testify on the advice of his lawyers.

The leader of the killers’ gang, which was based in North Ossetia, is suspected of organizing 60 murders. In addition to him, two former officers of the Bulat special response team, Andrey Sankin and Viktor Pronin will face trial. They are accused of murders and abductions of people.

Earlier, 23 gang members were convicted, another seven are on the wanted list, and another, Georgy Kusov, is awaiting extradition from Belgium.

The law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation consider Dzhako the creator and leader of one of the most bloody criminal communities, which committed at least 60 murders of officials, including Mayor of Vladikavkaz Vitaly Karaev and Vice-Premier of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiev, bankers, entrepreneurs and law enforcement officers within a few years since 2004. In total, the Gagiev's gang consisted of about 50 people, including former siloviki and military men.

Recall that Gagiev was put on an international wanted list in 2014 and detained in Austria in January 2015. However, law enforcement authorities carried out the reconciliation procedure for the extradition of Dzhako for a long time. When all the issues were settled, the defense of Gagiev presented a certificate at the Vienna airport stating that the arrestee suffered aerophobia, so he simply can not survive the flight to Russia. While the officials of the Ministry of Justice and Interpol were dealing with the document, the lawyers again appealed to the court with a complaint about all the decisions previously made on the extradition of Dzhako. Nevertheless, he was taken to Russia by plane in June 2018 and placed in jail.



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