Killer of Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya OCG and ex-investigator serving life imprisonment not allowed to get married

Killer of Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya OCG and ex-investigator serving life imprisonment not allowed to get married
Oleg and Viktoria Mikhailova

The church wedding of the Orekhovskaya OCG killer Oleg Mikhailov, nicknamed Khokhol, sentenced to life imprisonment, and former MIA investigator Viktoria Mikhailova, scheduled for January 30 at the "Vologda Pyatak," was postponed to autumn 2019.

The former inquirer from Perm, Viktoria Mikhailova, was denied church marriage to her husband, killer Oleg Mikhailov (Khokhol), on the territory of the colony, where Mikhailov, convicted of 9 murders, is serving a life sentence.

Earlier it was reported that the church wedding of spouses who married in September 2018, was scheduled for January 30, but the newlyweds were forced to postpone it till the fall. This was told to the 59.RU by Viktoria Mikhailova herself, who was outraged by the plot of the TV channel GTRK-Perm, in which it was reported that the wedding ceremony already took place in the temple of the special regime correctional colony No. 5 in the Vologda region, which is informally called the "Vologda Pyatak," took place.

According to Viktoria Mikhailova, the newlyweds were offered to postpone the church wedding by the colony administration.

“The reason is that there should be a long date after the church wedding. According to the plan, a date should be on March 24, but it will be during fasting, when one cannot get married. So said the priest. And the leadership does not change its decisions. Therefore, they asked to postpone the church wedding. Especially that now the temple with a colony is in repair. The church wedding will take place in the fall,” Viktoria Mikhailova told 59.RU.

She also expressed indignation at the fact that in the TV program they called her husband a “serial killer” and not a “killer”: “Let them honor the difference”.

Recall that the convict Oleg Mikhailov married his girlfriend by correspondence (who are often called "waiting") by the name of Viktoria in IK-5 for people sentenced to life in the Vologda region at the end of September 2018. For more than 15 years, a former killer, who wrote a confession, is serving a sentence in a special regime colony on the Ognenny island. Mikhailov was accused of 11 contract killings, although he himself confessed only in 9 episodes.

Viktoria met her future husband after the March interview with him in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, after which she wrote to him and six months later the couple got married.

After the marriage ceremony, The CrimeRussia wrote, the newlyweds were allowed a three-day meeting in a special room. According to the rules, the spouses are allowed two long dates for three days a year, two short dates through the glass for four hours, also four calls per month and an unlimited number of letters.

The mother of four children, Viktoria, intends to seek a review of the sentence and achieve parole of the spouse from the colony. However, it is worth noting that, according to the data of the Vologda Region Prosecutor’s Office, there has been no precedent for parole for life prisoners of the Vologda Pyatak. According to Vologoda-Region media, in 2018, six prisoners from IK-5 requested parole, but all of them were denied it.



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