Killer of Medvedkovo organized crime group condemned after 20 years of murder  

Killer of Medvedkovo organized crime group condemned after 20 years of murder
Robert Berezin Photo: Video screenshot

All this time, the man managed to hide in Togliatti.

Trial has been carried out against a member of Medvedkovo organized crime group Robert Berezin in Moscow. In 1990s, Berezin failed the group’s task when he killed a wrong man. He had been searched for for 22 years.

Berezin stated during the hearing that despite the fact that he had managed to hide for so many years, he was under no illusions as to his impunity. He waited for the moment he would be caught. The killer agreed to cooperate with the investigation and turned over the name of the person who had ordered the hit. Nevertheless, the latter has already died. Enterpreneur Aleksander Gnatyuk who had owed the gang a large amount of money was meant to be Berezin’s target.

The killer acted along with his partner - a more experienced killer who had also been a member of the gang - Andrey Kitov. The latter, by the way, was detained in 1998. He got 15 years in a strict regime colony.

The murder was committed in 1997. Instead of Gnatyuk, the killers shot his neighbour - a motor mechanic Vadim Sheffel. The men explained it had been dark outdoors. The businessman was meant to get out of the entrance hall to walk his dog. The murdered neighbour also walked his dog. Berezin shot Sheffel 5 times from TT. His accomplice Kitov shot 20 times from a gun Scorpion. The criminals were promised $20 thousand for the murder, however they did not get the money. They had to escape. Gnatyuk was killed by another killer the next day.

Law enforcers determined that all this time, Berezin lived in Togliatti. He did not leave the city and worked unofficially. With that, he got the family and became the father. His daughter is 14 years old now.

Berezin was detained in August, 2018. Court found Robert Berezin guilty and sentenced him to 9 years and 6 months in a strict regime colony.



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