Killer from Vladimir OCG sentenced to 18 years for murdering woman and child

Killer from Vladimir OCG sentenced to 18 years for murdering woman and child

A killer from a Vladimir OCG has been sentenced to 18 years for murdering a pregnant woman.

In Vladimir, the court has rendered a guilty verdict for a 26-year-old resident of Noginsk for crimes committed as part of an organized crime group.

According to investigation and subsequent trial, 26-year-old killer Viktor Smirnov had come to Vladimir from Noginsk. As an OCG member, he received the 'order' to murder the entire family from a Vladimir resident Galina Bobrova, who was parceling after a divorce with her ex-husband. She promised to pay the killer 17 thousand dollars (1 million rubles) for his work.

After the killer received the order, he came from Noginsk to Vladimir and observed the habits of his future victims for two days. Three days later, he got into the victim's house, who was living with his new family, and stabbed the 42-year-old man, his 36-year-old pregnant civil wife, and shot a 16-year-old son of his common-law wife from a pistol with a silencer.

In addition, Smirnov’s involvement in several other murders was proved during the investigation and trial. In October 2011, he killed a Noginsk pensioner; in 2013, he strangled a 33-year-old resident of Noginsk with a plastic bag. He hid the body of the latter victim, burying it in someone's grave at the local cemetery.

Other members of this OCG have also been detained; the group leader, 49-year-old Anatoly Mazur, a 38-year-old OCG member Maksim Meshchankin, and 47-year-old Galina Bobrova are currently being tried.



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