Killer Drunya Jr. asked for forgiveness. He killed dozens of people

Killer Drunya Jr. asked for forgiveness. He killed dozens of people
Andrey Dryunin, who is also Drunya Jr.

August 10, the court will begin to announce the next verdict to the participant of the Osinovskie OCG Andrey Dryunin.⁠

Hired killer from the criminal gang Metsenatovskie (the power wing of the Osinovskie OCG) Andrey Dryunin, known by the nickname Drunya Jr., made his last statement at the Trans-Baikal Regional Court. In his speech, the killer asked for forgiveness from the victims - more than 50 people, 24 of them were Chinese citizens. Other details of Drunya's speech were not specified by the press service of the court.

Recall that the case against the hired killer is considered in a special order, as he concluded a pre-trial agreement.

The court report said that the killer was accused of crimes committed between 2000 and 2011 as part of organized criminal groups, and in 2013 - unipersonal. Dryunin is considered one of the leaders responsible for arming the members of the criminal community. Drunya Jr. is charged with the murder of 11 people, two kidnappings, 20 extortion episodes, five robberies, two armed robberies and other crimes under 12 articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Among other things, according to information posted on the court's website, the mercenary is accused of creating the OCG (part 1 of Article 210). Apparently, the investigation considered Dryunin as the leader of the killers’ group. Details of criminal episodes are not specified.

The criminal case against Drunin consists of 86 volumes. The Regional Court intends to announce the verdict on August 10.

Recall that in April 2016, the killer was already sentenced to 9 years in a strict-regime colony for attempting to kill three people.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, the Osinovskie hired killer was detained on the outskirts of Irkutsk on April 1, 2015 after five years of search.



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