Khimmash-Borisovskiye: back in the dock

Khimmash-Borisovskiye: back in the dock
Yuri Shorchev

The Saransk Court resumed the trial of the gang that had been holding at bay the entire Mordovia in the 90s. Earlier, after three years of proceedings, the jury was dismissed and the judge made self-disqualification.

There are 9 people in the dock. According to investigators, they all are members of the criminal community called Khimmash that has 6 contract killings under its belt, as well as extortions and robberies. Yuri Shorchev is believed to be the gang’s leader, although the republic also knows him as an influential businessman and international master of sports in chess. He himself claims the case against him has been fabricated, and the actions of law enforcement officers are outrageously illegal.

The previous trial on the criminal case took place in June and was declared invalid. The jury’s verdict revealed some contradictions. A new trial was scheduled for June 20, but some jurors failed to attend it. The new composition of the jury was formed September 12. It is unclear yet as to how long the proceedings will last as the new judge and the new jury are to study over 100 volumes.

Shorchev is believed to be responsible for masterminding the murder of the former gang leader Andrey Borisov. In the 90, Borisovskiye were mainly engaged in protection racket of businesses. In the fall of 2003, Borisov was shot dead in Kovilkino and his body buried in the woods. The investigation considers Sergey Kovaliov to be Shorchev’s accomplice in the murder.

The defendants face maximum prison sentences of up to life imprisonment.



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