Kharkov: treasurer of Tsapok’s gang attempted be abducted

Kharkov: treasurer of Tsapok’s gang attempted be abducted
Fedor Streltsov

Fedor Streltsov is a fugitive from justice in a neighbouring country.

The Security Service of Ukraine have detained the alleged instigator of abduction of an owner of OOO Agrokompleks Kushchevsky Fedor Streltsov. Streltsov was the one who received shares of Tsapok’s family, after the gang had been detained. In May, 2018, the Investigative Committee of Russia put him on a wanted list for swindling. After that, he was found in Ukraine. Kommersant reports that the businessman agreed to cooperate with the investigation after he learnt about abduction being prepared towards him.

The Security Service of Ukraine’s theory is that unknown parties from Russia had offered a citizen of Odessa Leonid Semykin to abduct Streltsov and take the $10 million shares from him. Semykin, in his turn, referred a certain ex-employee of law enforcement who is now working as Stanislav Petrenko’s private detective. He was meant to receive $100 thousand for complicity. He agreed, but - instead of the real help - reported to law enforcement. In early January, this year, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine staged Streltsov’s abduction. In confirmation of it, they sent Semykin a photo of the businessman. In 2 year, the instigator was detained while he was paying to the ‘perpetrators’.

Now, Semykin is being accused of crimes under item 2 of article 146 and item 2 of article 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abduction attempt, extortion).

Head of OOO Agrokompleks Kushchevsky Streltsov had earlier owned a farm business Sever Kubani; one of the members of Tsapok’s gang Vitaly Ivanov was its director. Ivanov was arrested for involvement in murder of 12 persons in a settlement of Kushchevskaya in 2010. After the gang was defeated and Nadezhda Tsapok, a mother of its leader Sergey, was arrested, her land properties went to ZAO Mayak, and then - to Agrokompleks Kushchevsky. At the present time, a few major participants of the market are contesting the rights on these farmlands.

In 2018, Streltsov became a defendant in a criminal case into theft of 33 million rubles ($517 thousand) from OOO Agrokhim-avia. In May, last year, the entrepreneur moved to Israel and was put on a wanted list. In March, this year, another case - into extortion of an enterprise from its director - was initiated against the businessman. According to the investigation, after the first case was initiated, Streltsov started calling a deputy head of Agrokompleks Kushchevsky Aleksander Glazyrin and asked him to help stop the criminal prosecution - with the help of a bribe. After Streltsov was refused, he and his wife started threatening Glazyrin and demanding 10 million rubles ($156 thousand) from him. As a result, Svetlana Streltsova was detained in Rostov while she was taking the bribe. The woman pleaded not guilty. She stated it had been the money the deputy head of Agrokompleks Kushchevsky had owned her.

The high-profile crime - involving members of Tsapok’s gang - took place in Krasnodar region’s settlement of Kushchevskaya in autumn, 2010. On the night of November 5, they broke into a local farmer Server Ametov’s house and killed everyone who was inside: 12 persons - including 3 children - died. Soon after, the gang’s members were arrested. The gang’s leader Sergey Tsapok was sentenced to life in prison. In July, 2014, he died in a remand prison.



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