Jurymen - for prison elite. Malysh and Afonya who organized uncontrolled crime in remand prison Medved acquitted 

Jurymen - for prison elite. Malysh and Afonya who organized uncontrolled crime in remand prison Medved acquitted
Sergey Shipantsev aka Malysh (left)

Case related to employees of a remand prison who allegedly got on the same page with criminals has fallen to pieces.

Novaya gazeta reports that jurymen in Moscow’s Babushkinsky court delivered a verdict of acquittal towards representatives of prison elite: a member of Lyuberetskaya organized crime group Sergey Shipantsev (aka Malysh) and a leader of Izmaylovskaya organized crime group Aleksander Afanasiev (aka Afonya). Afonya and Malysh were accused in a case related to infliction of bodily harm that led to death, as well as bribe giving to functionaries and extortion of money. On March 13, court was supposed to deliver its verdict, but it was postponed.

Afonya and Malysh ‘terrorized’ inmates of a Moscow remand prison #4 Medved: beat, threatened, and extorted money. 


Malysh (left)

In 2016, four inmates died in the infirmary during the two months. The first one was a 33-year-old accused of theft who was taken to a hospital with a skull fracture. Less than a month later, another accused of theft was found dead in a cell. Then, another one died: he was found with his throat cut. The last one on this blacklist was a 34-year-old inmate. Interestingly, one inmate was saved after a suicide attempt. 

В июне 2016 года главарь «тюремной мафии» Евгений Рожков по прозвищу Рожок был приговорен к 26 годам лишения свободы

Evgeny Rozhkov (aka Rozhok)

A good while - despite the publications in the media on incidents in Moscow remand prison Medved (beating of inmates, extortions, incitement to suicide) - responsible executives of the prison did not take measures. After death of inmates, Novaya gazeta published investigation based on a joint letter written by inmates of Medved.

As a result, service check was carried out. After that, head of the remand prison #4 Aleksey Khorev stood down from the penal system on his own will. Head of operative department Aleksander Stupin and operative Grigory Smorkalov also stood down. In the inmates’ stories, they all were mentioned as the front office that covered cruelty that took place in prison. The gang included Sergey Shchipantsev (aka Malysh), Pavel Matveev (aka Pasha Lyuberetsky) who were transferred to Zelenograd-based remand prison after the scandal. In June, 2016, head of the ‘prison mafia’ Evgeny Rozhkov (aka Rozhok) was sentenced to 26 years behind bars and transferred to Sergiyev Posad. Another gang’s member - Afonya (Aleksander Afanasiev) - was sentenced under item 4 of article 162 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Robbery). 


Aleksander Stupin (left)

The Investigative Committee of Russia was going to initiate a criminal case related to the remand prison #4 under article related to creation of a criminal community (article 210 of Russia’s Criminal Code). After the case of a senior investigator of the second directorate for investigation of special cases of the Investigative Committee in Moscow Denis Kondratenko was transferred to another investigator Abbyaz Pyakshev, odd things started happening with the case: separate proceedings started appear, instance by instance. As a result, accusations against only 4 employees of the remand prison reached the court for 2 years. 



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