Jurors found members of Rostov Gang of Amazons guilty of ten murders

Jurors found members of Rostov Gang of Amazons guilty of ten murders
Inessa Tarverdiyeva

Members of the criminal group were attacking police officers and their relatives.

During the hearing in the Rostov Regional Court on Wednesday, September 20, jurors recognized members of so-called Gang of Amazons guilty of murder of 10 people, BBC tells.

Inessa Tarverdiyeva who partially admitted her guilt was a leader of the criminal group, according to the investigators. She explained why generally police officers or their relatives became the victims of the gang - members of the group hated law enforcement authorities. According to Tarverdiyeva, the criminals were killing civilians out of self-interest. Besides, the woman noted that she only presented at all murders, while her partner Roman Podkopayev acted as the performer.

Besides, Tarverdiyeva's daughter Victoria her sister Anastasia Podkopayeva and her husband Sergey were also in the gang. The last worked as a traffic inspector in the Aksay district of the Rostov Region.

During the further court sessions, jurors should define whether the gang actually existed, in what year Victoria entered it and whether Inessa Tarverdiyeva was its leader.

It should be added that the amazons are accused of murder of lieutenant colonel of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Dmitry Chudakov and his family – spouse and two children. The murder happened on the federal highway Don. Criminals stole a camera, laptop and money of the killed, without taking gold jewelry.



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