Jambik from Neverovskaya OCG was shot in Zhigulevsk

Jambik from Neverovskaya OCG was shot in Zhigulevsk
According to operative sources, formerly, Jambik was Sergei Neverov’s financier Photo: Tltgorod.ru

Oleg Zaguzov’s name in recent years was mentioned in crime reports very often.

On August 21, in the town of Zhigulevsk a fire armed murder attempt on Togliatti businessman Oleg Zaguzov, also known in some circles as Jambik, took place. This information was confirmed to TLTgorod by the two sources familiar with the situation. The information about the criminal incident is extremely poor. So far, we only know that the injured man is in intensive care of Zhigulevsk hospital.

"He will survive", said one of the interlocutors of the agency.

Oleg Zaguzov’s name in recent years, was mentioned in crime reports very often. According to the operative sources, once, Jambik, along with businessmen Alexander Petrovsky and Vitaly Portnov, was the financier of the influential OCG leader Sergey Neverov (Never). The latter began to lose credibility and influence in the region after his departure for permanent residence in Ukraine. Due to the business reallocations and the redistribution of spheres of influence endless conflicts began to emerge within the community. Therefore, it would not be surprising if the detectives during the investigation of the assassination will find the Neverovsky trail.

The apogee of the war can be considered a shootout at the sports complex Olymp at the Primorsky Boulevard in the morning of 29th of October 2013, as a result of which people, according to the investigation, who were preparing an attempt on Zaguzov and Petrovsky, were injured.

As TLTgorod previously reported, failed killers sitting in a red Volkswagen – Sergei Petrov from Tolyatti, born in 1979 and Dmitry Levin, from Ulyanovsk, born in 1990, were machine-gunned by unknown persons. Petrov was killed on the spot. Levin was saved by the doctors, but they had to amputate his leg.

A day later, on October 30, in the car nearby the Korolev Boulevard 14 an explosive device, consisting of a detonator, batteries, remote arming unit and about 100 grams of TNT was found. The explosive was disassembled and hidden under the car seat.

The law enforcement officers had no doubt that the shooting at the Primorsky Boulevard and the discovery of the dismantled explosive device on a nearby street are links in a series of shootouts that shook Neverov’s clan.

Almost immediately after the shooting at the Olymp, Oleg Zaguzov and his driver Vyacheslav Kurganov were detained as suspects and placed in the detention center of the Togliatti MIA.

As the newspaper Samarskoye Obozreniye wrote, after the arrest, the investigator of the regional Investigative Committee Main Directorate filed a motion for Zaguzov’s pre-trial restriction in the form of detention. The term of stay in the detention center was extended by the Avtozavodsky District Court of Togliatti, but the formal charges against the entrepreneur were not brought. After staying in the temporary detention for five days, both Jambik and Kurganov were released. Against Zaguzov a measure of procedural coercion - the obligation to appear - was chosen. After some time, the First Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the IC MD in the Volga Federal District has decided to discontinue the criminal prosecution against Zaguzov with the wording in connection with the non-participation. The right to rehabilitation was recognized for the defendant, which he did not fail to take advantage of. In July 2015, it became known that Togliatti businessman sued the Federal Treasury for compensation for unlawful criminal prosecution in the amount of 62 thousand rubles. Based on the amount of caused moral and physical suffering, one day of Zaguzov’s stay in the detention center cost the budget 12, 4 thousand rubles.

In addition, in May 2014, Jambik became a suspect in the investigation of causing serious health damage to a certain Marenkov, an attack on whom was carried out in the morning on February 24 at the entrance of the house №61 along the street of the 40th Anniversary of the Victory. The victim went to the hospital with stab wounds to the chest and abdomen, but he could not identify the attackers. Zaguzov’s partner wife’s house was searched within the new criminal case. However, later, Jambik was involved in the case of an attack on Marenkov only as a witness.

Meanwhile, wounded Levin and a third accomplice, Alex Shkaev from Ulyanovsk gave confessions that they were part of the gang, preparing the physical elimination of Oleg Zaguzov and Aleksandr Petrovsky.

According to investigators, a group of killers was led by Sergey Ageev (Akim), Neverov’s relative and right hand. Akim was placed on the wanted list. In September 2014, he was detained in the suburbs of Moscow. In order to ease his plight, Ageev began to actively cooperate with the investigation. As a result, he was incriminated with the organization and execution of several previously unsolved high-profile assassinations and assassination attempts.

On July 5, 2016 the Samara Regional Court sentenced Ageev to 18 years in prison. Verdicts against Shkaev and Levin were sounded earlier. On November 7, 2014 Shkaev was sent to a colony of strict regime for ten years. On November 25 of the same year, Levin was sentenced to 9 years in the maximum security penal colony.



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