Ivanovo Region: FSB finds underground gun workshop

Ivanovo Region: FSB finds underground gun workshop

The criminals reworked civilian firearms in combat analogs.

In the city of Kineshma, the Ivanovo Region, the FSB officers dismantled an underground gun workshop, in which hunting, sporting and other civilian models of firearms were reworked in their combat analogs for sale, Interfax reported referring to the regional FSB.

The special service’s officers seized a machine gun made from parts of a written off Kalashnikov, more than 20 7.62x39mm hunting cartridges, “items similar to the Uzi submachine gun, Makarov pistol, Nagan revolver, more than 50 cartridges of different caliber, 2, 5 kg of gunpowder and many details to guns, the news agency reports.

The investigators initiated a criminal case on the illegal circulation of weapons (part 2 of Article 222 CCRF).



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