"It’s all so absurd, ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense." Volgograd ex-mayor says arrest of governor’s assassin is part of campaign 

"It’s all so absurd, ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense." Volgograd ex-mayor says arrest of governor’s assassin is part of campaign
Yevgeny Remezov’s detention Photo: A still from the video

The businessman cum leader of an organized criminal group involved in the attempt on the Volgograd governor’s life was detained yesterday.

Roman Grebennikov, the former mayor of Volgograd, spoke about the detention of the alleged mastermind of the assassination attempt on Governor Andrei Bocharov.

In his VKontakte post, he compared the situation with the Reichstag arson in 1933, which was later used to ban unwanted parties and arrest uncooperative figures.

"It’s all so absurd, ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. And it’s such a perfect timing. Just before the election. Coincidence?” Grebennikov said.

On May 23, a well-known Volgograd entrepreneur and crime lord, Yevgeny Remezov, who is alleged to have plotted the attempt on the governor’s life three years ago, was detained. The murder attempt of Andrei Bocharov was in fact an arson of a wall of his house on November 16, 2016. Unidentified men snuck into the governor’s courtyard at night.

Meanwhile, Bloknot-Volgograd notes that the incident occurred in the elite and private village of Latoshinka, where a children's sanatorium had been earlier. It now has luxury houses of officials and businessmen, after they had “evicted” the children and took their land.

The motive for the arson was the governor’s attempt to return significant real estate items to the region’s municipal property to supplement the budget. Remezov, the former Central Market lessee, had received some of the property, 16.5 thousand square meters, from the municipality in 2003. After the governor won in all the courts, Remezov is alleged to have assembled a criminal group, planned the governor’s murder, and left the country to have an alibi.

The investigation opened a criminal case and established that there were five criminals involved. Remezov’s gang has existed since 2012 and has been implicated in several other business-related conflicts, all associated with the Central Market.

One of Remezov's accomplices left for the USA and spent two years there, before he also broke the country’s law and went to prison. Two others were convicted in Russia for deliberately causing grievous bodily harm to a Volgograd businessman on Remezov’s order.

Роман Гребенников

Roman Grebennikov

Earlier, Remezov was wounded while killing his business partner, Sergey Brudny. The high-profile crime occurred on May 21, 2014 in the heart of Volgograd.

The killer shot out of a car and hit the neck of Brudny, the co-founder of the markets named Traktorozavodsky, Voroshilovsky and Central. The man died in the next few hours in the hospital. The bullet hit Remezov in the face, but he miraculously survived. According to sources, both entrepreneurs were close to Vladimir Kadin, the “shadow governor” of Volgograd, who was killed in 2011.

Later that year, Ali Makhmudov (‘Ali’), also one of Kadin’s closest associates, was detained in Moscow on suspicion of plotting the murder of Brudny.

Roman Grebennikov was repeatedly elected deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma, was its chairman and the last popularly elected mayor of Volgograd between 2007 and 2011.



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