Islamists prepared terrorist attacks in Dagestan and Chechnya

Islamists prepared terrorist attacks in Dagestan and Chechnya

The explosion in Kaspiysk was planned to be set off using a drone.

The FSB and MIA officers detained five people suspected of preparing terrorist acts in Kaspiysk and Grozny, the special service reported. The alleged militants received instructions via the Internet from the Islamic State terrorists, whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation.

The places of residence of the detainees were searched. Components for improvised explosive devices, a handicraft revolver, two grenades, three combat knives, two magazines for a Kalashnikov assault rifle, more than 80 cartridges of various sizes and suicide notes were seized from the suspects. Criminal cases on the illegal storage of weapons and ammunition (part 1 of Article 222 CCRF) were initiated against the detainees.

According to Interfax, the detainees planned to carry out a terrorist attack in Kaspiysk using a quadcopter, setting a trigger on it, as one the suspects, who allegedly was the gang leader, confessed during an interrogation.



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