Irkutsk MP accused of two killings house-arrested

Irkutsk MP accused of two killings house-arrested
Alexander Panko

According to the investigators, Alexander Panko participated in the liquidation of the two Chita criminal authorities who arrived in Irkutsk.

Irkutsk Duma deputy Alexander Panko, suspected of killing two people, was released under house arrest, according to Novy Irkutsk sources. It is not yet known what provoked the judge to show mercy.

The current deputy was detained on October 19, 2018. A few days later, the Investigation Department of the ICR in the Trans-Baikal Territory officially charged him with the murder of two members of the Klyuchevskaya organized the criminal group in 1997. According to investigators, Alexander Panko, also known by the name of Ninja, personally participated in the liquidation of two Chita criminal authorities who came to Irkutsk and planned to take revenge on Kluchevskoy for the lost control over the Central Market of Chita. According to several sources of Trans-Baikal media, it is about the shooting in November 1997 near the Fifth Corner bar of Chita mob Sergey Yelgin, aka Jackie Chan. For a long time, Yelgin was also an active member of the Klyuchevskaya gang, then lived in Moscow for a long time, supplying cocaine and ecstasy, and when he returned, he wanted independence and tried to take away one of the local markets from the former boss.

The Irkutsk entrepreneur and philanthropist were elected in the Irkutsk Duma in 2006, having recently headed its commission on property and land relations, and also serves on the commission on housing and communal services and transport. At the end of 2017, Alexander Panko ranked second among the richest deputies of the Irkutsk City Duma. Panko became the third regional parliamentarian suspected of murders as part of the Klyuchevskaya organized crime group.



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