“Investigators are never permitted to expose the entire criminal network”. Organized criminal society led by Volobui. Part II 

“Investigators are never permitted to expose the entire criminal network”. Organized criminal society led by Volobui. Part II
Photo: The CrimeRussia

The CrimeRussia continues its inquest into the operations of an organized criminal society created in Kursk with the direct involvement of local officials. At the first glance, there is nothing unusual in activities of the gang led by Dmitry Volobuev: intimidation, murders of dangerous people, seizure of profitable businesses, control over real and dummy companies, management of legal and illegal revenues, and active collaboration with power brokers. But in fact, Volobuevskie criminal group is a vivid example of the Russian organized crime infiltrating all strata of the society.

In the first part of its inquest, The CrimeRussia has published a series of interviews with former law enforcement officers and representatives of the criminal world. Our new exclusive interview with an officer of the Investigations Directorate in the Kursk Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) made it possible to uncover details of the gang creation and operation and understand the secret of its longevity. We publish this interview without any changes and would like to emphasize that all statements made by our source are his private and personal opinion. On the other hand, the presented information is so shocking that it would be unwise for the authorities to ignore it.

On March 7, 2017, criminal ‘authority’ Dmitry Volobuev has been arrested in Kursk and charged with masterminding the murder of his ‘colleague’ – prominent regional criminal Sergei Delyukin (Dilya). In the course of the inquest, more charges have been laid against Volobuev, including the creation of a criminal community. According to the investigation, Kursk Vice Mayor Nikolai Zaitsev, ex-Head of the Administration for the Kursk Region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation, was a member of this gang. Shortly after that, the son on Nikolai Zaitsev and brother of Volobuev have been detained as well. All of them and several other henchmen of the criminal ‘authority’ have been charged under Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (creation of a criminal community (criminal organization) and participation therein) and face lengthy terms, including life in prison. But in reality, the number of people involved in the operations of the criminal society is much larger.

Why have you agreed to this interview? May it have implications for you, including termination or illegal prosecution?

— The motive is simple. I’ve got tired and sick with the lawlessness of bandits and their ‘patrons’. In addition, as far as I remember, investigators are almost never permitted to expose the entire criminal network and prosecute all gang members. This is depressing. Remember the recent high-profile scandal with Tsepovyaz. He was eating crabs and caviar in a penal colony! For free? Of course, not. Not only the colony administration had accepted ‘gifts’ from him – but he was able to manage significant amount of money while being in detention. The same situation is with Volobui. I created my own card catalogue of his deeds. In some aspects, it is less complete in comparison with the files of the MIA and Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, but in other aspects, it is more detailed. It just happened so. I want to dispel myths surrounding this organized criminal group. And, of course, bring all its members to liability – both ‘exposed’ and still remaining in the shadow. Of course, this is naive, but there is no harm in trying, right? At least, my conscience will be clean.


Dmitry Volobuev with family

Who had assisted the gang? Who are its victims not mentioned in the criminal case? What companies and spheres were under its control? How were gang members recruited? Who are they? How does the gang solve a situation with minimal casualties? How many gang members remain on the loose? What are the perspectives of the criminal case? 

— Let's start with the beginning. Who had assisted the gang? The exposed accomplices include Nikolai Zaitsev, Yuri Pokin’-Boroda (ex-Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region), Sergei Golubnichenko (ex-Head of the Department for Special Cases of the Investigations Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR), and, partially, Kursk Mayor N. Ovcharov who could not be unaware of the gang operations but hired its members and provided residential apartment buildings to organizations affiliated with the gang for management. He had never questioned the legitimacy of the transfer of buildings to suspicious firms. This is a brief list. Each of the above-mentioned persons had accomplices, associates, and henchmen – either personally dependent on him or hungry for money. All of them, even being not fully aware of the situation, had provided ‘patronage’ to criminals at their respective levels. I don’t know whether it was done for remuneration or for free. But the network was very extensive. And not all its members have been captured. I would say, a small portion of them.


Young Volobui

How was each of them exposed? 

— I think there is no need to speak about Nikolai Zaitsev. But I may tell about his henchmen – both affiliated with Volobuevskie gang and not. They include Oleg Ivanovich Okorokov, an officer of the Department for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the City of Kursk. We had received reports stating that he was on the payroll of Dmitry Volobuev. This person is on the hook of the FSB. Most probably, he had transferred the corruption revenues to his close relatives – mother, father, and sister. So-called ‘officer’ had reportedly collected levies from Kursk markets for ignoring numerous violations. He had probably ‘covered’ up slot machines in Kursk. 

Why isn’t he arrested yet? 

— Are you kidding me? The goose that lays golden eggs... Who would capture him? The FSB? He probably reports his colleagues and commanders to them. The following persons working with him ended up behind bars: his boss Gennady Shapchenko (had actively investigated the control of Volobuevskie gang over the housing and utility sector of Kursk) and Aleksander Novikov, an operative of the Department for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption, who was framed-up. Or you may think, he could be captured by the Operations and Search Division of Internal Security – that hasn’t captured a single major bribe-taker in the region in the recent years, overlooked Nikolai Zaitsev, and carried out questionable operations against ordinary policemen? They deserve jail for this. In addition, internal security officers don’t know the real life of their ‘clients’ and cannot infiltrate agents in MIA structures. I had never seen in criminal cases received from the Division of Internal Security findings obtained by infiltrated informants. Only reports filed by civilians. Someone was battered; another one was a victim of extortion. But no big fish caught through operative actions. 

How about the ICR and Prosecutor’s Office? Could they expose the corrupt officer? 

— Corrupt officers, to be specific. With regards to Okorokov – no. The powers of the Prosecutor’s Office have been clipped in 2007. The ICR works with materials brought by operatives. We have no power to carry out search and investigative activities. Although Alexander Ivanovich Bastyrkin asks for this on a regular basis. 

What about other henchmen of Nikolai Zaitsev? Are there many of them? 

— A lot! And a few key ones. As said before, they managed to create an entire network in the Kursk police. I am familiar with several members of this network. For instance, Stanislav Sergeevich Krasnoboro’ko, head of the railway department at the Kursk police (his grandfather had reportedly assisted Nikolai Zaitsev in joining the MIA). Sergei Pavlovich Chuguev, just an ordinary executive stamping papers, currently a retiree; Zaitsev saved Chuguev after an escape of a suspect from him. Aleksei Moskalev, Deputy Head of the MIA Administration for the City of Kursk, who has married the daughter of his and Zaitsev’s former ‘patron’ – Nikolai Mitrofanovich Minenkov. But all these people are just the ‘fifth column’. The highlight of the program is Ruslan Nikolaevich Zarubin. He was hiding masterminds of a murder affiliated with Zaitsev in the police department!


Ruslan Zarubin, Head of the MIA Department for the Medvenka District

What murder? 

— Murder of the husband of a Deputy Director of Deriglazov Kursk Large Concrete Panel Construction Plant! This case resulted in the arrest of the entire regional ‘criminal committee’ under Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. And Viktor Panyushin (thief-in-law Vitya Pan) has been put on the wanted list. Just imagine: brothers Igor and Eduard Yakovlev had a conflict with Viktor Panyushin – but they were ‘patronized’ by Nikolai Zaitsev. Therefore, nobody dared to touch them. As far as I understand, Zaitsev has assigned Zarubin to ‘oversee’ them and assist them. And Zarubin has hidden these two people when criminals were searching for them. He could not be unaware that they were assassin’s paymasters! This is a separate topic... I will give you clues and then you decide what to do... OK? This is all about the team led by Zaitsev. Who is next?


Nikolai Zaitsev, ex Vice Mayor of Kursk and ex-Head of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region

Perhaps, Sergei Golubnichenko (ex-Head of the Department for Special Cases of the Investigations Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR –The CrimeRussia)? 

— Our former boss is a slimy person. Son of a local oligarch who had seized Kursk Knitting Factory in the ‘turbulent 1990s’. Golubnichenko has transferred the assets of the late father to his wife and brother. In the recent years, he was involved in many corruption scandals. It got to a point where his deputy Korovin started submitting open letters to Moscow claiming that Sergei Golubnichenko is a bribe-taker. This pertains to the case against Rylsk criminal ‘authority’ Spartak Mgdesyan. Can you imagine this?    


Sergei Golubnichenko, ex-Head of the Department for Special Cases of the Investigations Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR

And what was the outcome of this story with letters? 

— Polygraph examinations. But the polygraph is a tricky device. It does not provide reliable information if pathologies are involved. It can’t expose a pathological liar. In addition, many things depend on instructions given to the polygraph operator. Therefore, I and many of my colleagues don’t believe such tests. 

What pathologies does Golubnichenko have? 

— A traditional Russian pathology – alcohol. 8–10 years ago, Anatoly Andreevich Erin, a former head of the Kursk investigation, has taken him to a medical center to code against alcohol. But Golubnichenko remained a heavy drinker. Our new boss, Nazin, has exiled him to Shchigry town. But the police service exiles unwanted internal security officers with demotion to the same district center. Is it our local ‘Siberia’? The point is that, based on his own drunk statements, Sergei Golubnichenko is a church relative of Dmitry Volobuev. 

What does it mean? 

— If that is the true, either Golubnichenko is the godfather of Volobuev’s child – or vice versa. In any event, the FSB has to investigate this. The ICR and MIA don’t have enough powers. This is the tie between Golubnichenko and Volobuev . By the way, in summer 2013, in Marshala Zhukova township, Kursk district, Volobuev’s thugs have beaten a minibus taxi driver, who was owing money, and tried to put him in the trunk. But the driver has escaped. Interestingly, the abductors have been released. And later, Golubnichenko’s son Maksim had accompanied them to the local police station. Maksim was an MMA fighter; he had even tried to join M1. That guy would never pass a polygraph examination! At that time, we have received a verbal complaint. The criminal case for battery was instituted by investigators of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region; they were unwilling to solve it (to be specific, they were forced to put on hold the investigative actions). And some of the victim’s relatives has verbally addressed the Investigative Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR. But the ICR hasn’t taken the case from the police. Although it includes not only beating, but also attempted abduction – part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code. This is an especially grievous crime, its limitation period is 15 years. But the incident was hushed up.. 

This information should be of interest for the heads of Russian law enforcement structures. 

— Yes, this is true. As far as I know, a real criminal case was really instituted. With regards to meetings and family ties of Volobui and Golubnichenko, it is necessary to review records of their telephone conversations and Internet communications. As you were told earlier, since 2013, virtually no operative and search actions were taken against the gang led by Volobui. All the evidence in this case was obtained through investigative actions. As far as I know, Golubnichenko had never recruited anybody in the Investigative Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR to ‘patronize’ the gang. He had mostly solved the issues with the ICR central headquarters. For instance, Ruslan Sibilev, the closest aide of Volobui extradited from Thailand, also notes in his letter sent from the pretrial detention facility that Volobui had strong ties in the ICR. What could be these ties? How a person with a criminal record could establish such ties?

You say that not all gang members were captured. Do you mean civilians as well? 

— Of course. Take, for instance, Andrei Segeevich Motovilin, one of the gang ‘cash-out specialists’ indirectly involved in the housing, utilities, and capital renovation sphere via dummy companies. He was recruited by the police (then-militia) 10 years ago. Was involved in a number of operations against bribe-takers in universities. And a high-ranked federal official, who had opposed the attempts of Dmitry Volobuev and his companies to seize some lands, was detained with the assistance of Motovilin. I need to call somebody.


Andrei Motovilin

The source calls using a private messenger. 

— Hi! Remember, you had told me about Andrei Motovilin? What’s wrong with him? In relation to the gang led by Volobui

The voice in the receiver responds:

— With Motovilin? Everything is wrong with him. I was working on bribe provocation theme. But they didn’t let me get this idea into shape. Motovilin is a registered MIA agent. I was told that he had been infiltrated into the police in 2008–2009.

— Who had infiltrated him? Why were you involved with this? 

The voice in the receiver:

Volobui has infiltrated him. Motovilin literally is a person “working for all intelligence services in the world”. But the peak of his semi-legal activities was the arrest Stepan Mikhailovich Shilov, then-Head of the Administration for the Kursk and Orel Regions of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor), by operatives of the Department for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region. In 2013, Motovilin, posing as a businessman, has leased a pond in the Fatezh district of the Kursk region. Allegedly, for fish farming. But being a police agent and fulfilling his assignment, Motovilin started extracting sand in that pond.


Stepan Shilov, ex-Head of the Administration for the Kursk and Orel Regions of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision

So, what was the problem? He had extracted sand. Many people had done this in that period... 

The voice in the receiver

— This was a frame-up from the very beginning. He was a planted agent. He had extracted sand on a water body zoned for fish farming. It is prohibited to extract resources there and damage the fertile soil layer. Rosselkhoznadzor officials came to him, drew-up an administrative offence report, fined him some 1 million rubles ($15 thousand), and even called the police. KUSP № 4429 of December 23, 2013 has been registered by the police control room of the MIA Department for the Fatezh District. But Andrei Motovilin offered to ‘settle’ the issue for 300–400 thousand rubles ($4.5–6 thousand). And Stepan Shilov, Head of the Administration for the Kursk and Orel Regions of Rosselkhoznadzor, who was present there, agreed to accept a bribe. Operatives of the Regional Department for Combating Economic Crimes arrested him during the handover of the bribe. The Operatives were not aware that they had acted in the interests of Volobui. But they clearly understood that they were provokers. Here is another proof that the case was framed-up: the administrative offence report against Motovilin was drawn-up with violations. Having such a report, any person could appeal the one-million fine in court. But I became aware that Dmitry Volobuev has prohibited Motovilin from doing so. If Motovilin had appealed the fine, it would be impossible to accuse Shilov of bribe-taking – only of swindling. And Shilov could get off the hook. So, Motovilin has voluntarily assumed a huge debt and fictitiously sold all his assets. 

End of the telephone conversation. 

Who was that person? 

— Let’s say, a well-aware one. 

Is Motovilin still having ties with the gang of Volobuev? If yes, what are their ties? 

— Yes, he is. According to my information, up until recently, Dmitry Kharlamov, a henchman of Volobuev, had laundered capital renovation funds via Motovilin. In other words, he is an existing, although passive, member of the criminal group. 

And who is Dmitry Kharlamov? 

— He is one of the key gang members – one of the most interesting ones. He had supervised the ‘housing and utilities’ theme in the gang. And administered the funds received from it. He had directly given orders to the Director of the Capital Renovation Fund. After the termination of the director affiliated with bandits, he asked Ruslan Shevchenko, Interim Acting Director of the Capital Renovation Fund, to ‘allocate quotes’. The new director refused to do this and was beaten near his home as per order of Kharlamov. Shevchenko was beaten on June 22, 2017. But, being aware of his ‘sins’ against the bandits, he hasn’t turned in the assailants. Members of Volobuev’s gang (some of them have already been caught by that time) were afraid to continue. But the crime cased a stir in the law enforcement structures. In the ICR, police, and Prosecutor’s Office. Regional Prosecutor Aleksei Tsukanov ordered to arrest Dmitry Kharlamov for such a brazen crime.


Dmitry Kharlamov

Was the Prosecutor’s order fulfilled? It does not seem illegitimate. 

— Yes, he was arrested. Roman Gladkikh, ex-Deputy of the Fifth Convocation of the Kursk Municipal Assembly, has testified against Kharlamov. He was also a victim of that criminal community. Kharlamov was arrested under Article 91 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. After the arrest, the investigation has brought a motion to charge him with participation in an organized criminal group and remand in custody. The Prosecutor’s Office had supported that motion – but judge Dmitry Shchadnykh released him under a written pledge not to leave the city. Although Nikolai Volobuev – detained together with Kharlamov – has been remanded in custody. 

Was this done for remuneration or not? 

— I wasn’t there. I suppose that this was done for a bribe. I cannot say for sure. If I had known, I would report this. It is difficult to prosecute a judge – but still possible. But I don’t have specific information. Although rumors are circulating in the ICR, FSB, and MIA that Dmitry Shchadnykh (by the way, he used to work as an investigator at the Prosecutor’s Office) has received for that either 500 thousand or 1 million of rubles ($7.5–15 thousand). Nobody knows specific details. But I can say that nobody with charges similar to those laid against Kharlamov and with such high status of the criminal case was ever released. So, there is a ‘red flag’ in that situation. 

What about other gang members remaining on the loose? 

— There are plenty of them. And even not all episodes are investigated. Take Shantal Restaurant Complex. They seized it from businessman Aleksander Nikitin and locked him up for several years. The local media and federal Internet news portals wrote a lot about this. After yet another article, Nikitin was escorted from a Lgov colony, where he had served the term, to Kursk. He was put in the pretrial detention center for questioning as a witness and could be reclassified into a victim. But as soon as our colleague Daniil Goncharov, Deputy Head of the First Department for Special Cases (crimes against persons and public safety) of the Investigations Directorate in the Kursk Region of the ICR, has started investigating this case, he was accused of bribe-taking! Goncharov was neutralized, while Maksim Nikolaevich Zaitsev, Head of the First Department for Special Cases, has got the message. He was unwilling to end-up in a penal colony for former law enforcement officers and soft-pedaled the episode with Nikitin. As well as the episode with Roman Alekhin, who has helped to expose a swindling scheme pulled off by Volobuev and involving the compensation for a very expensive prosthesis. Volobuev had brought fake documents to the social service to receive that compensation. Alekhin helped to expose that episode – although earlier, he was convicted with the involvement of Zaitsev and Volobuev.    


Mansion of Volobui

However, the command has ordered to limit efforts to the already identified episodes and not dig deeper. For the supreme command, this is the end. The same situation is with associated cases. You may search online for “Surgut, Ruslan Sibilev, murder with baseball bats, innocent people convicted”. You will find plenty of links: Robot confessed to killing people in that city with baseball bats and provided details of the crimes. But some scapegoats have already been convicted for that and served lengthy terms. Huge compensations must be paid to them. It is necessary to institute criminal cases against judges, investigators, policemen, and prosecutors. The limitation periods have already expired but still... No one would do this. This is our system – a conspiracy of silence. 

You said: “the end”. But investigator Goncharov has taken a bribe, right? So, he is not an angel? 

— Apparently, he has done this. I don’t acquit him. I can only say that everything was orchestrated so masterfully, that it was difficult for him not to take. Everybody can be provoked to breach the law. But this is my personal opinion. This deed does not give credit to him. But Goncharov has suffered for his work against Volobuev. “The end” was announced because the further investigation could uncover very unpleasant facts. For instance, there is a suspicion that Volobuev had controlled, via his confidants, some municipal judges in Kursk courts by blackmailing them with compromising materials.

Blackmailing with what? 

— I will give you several names of Kursk judges and you make conclusions yourself... Judge Roza Osipova was attacked by bandits in relation to debts of her family members. She was a victim. And she is still handling criminal cases. But how can she be objective after that incident? Judge Elena Kolesnichenko became a judge of the peace a year after the graduation from the law school. The judicial qualification requirement of 5 years is in question. Even if it was met, it can be disputed. Judge Olga Filatova, while being an employee of the court administrative apparatus, has reportedly got pregnant from Aleksei Alekseevich Volkov, then-judge of the Promyshlenny District Court and son of the ex-Head of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region. Supposedly, she became a judge ‘in exchange for silence’. A federal-level DNA assessment may easily establish the father. Judge Boris Kosyakov has recently resigned. His wife hanged herself over troubled family relations. Vladimir Palii, Chairman of the Promyshlenny District Court, had sexual relations with lawyer Nina Ozhgikhina convicted for swindling. Colleagues and law enforcement authorities suspect judge Olga Petrova of convicting (by not recusing herself) her former lover Timur Opemakh. How do you think, do these examples diminish the “authority of the judiciary” or not? 

Imagine what can be uncovered if someone starts purposively searching for compromising materials? The FSB and MIA (and our agency as well) are legally prohibited from searching compromising materials against judges. But the bandits are not restricted by the law. Judges have no possibility to control the collection of such information. In fact, I have provided pretty harmless facts. Still, these facts are sufficient to deprive many judges from their status. The judge’s status is the pinnacle of any lawyer’s career. To keep compromising information in secret, many judges (after all, they are humans) are ready to go pretty far. Now you understand? 

If you are right, I understand. But I don’t want to believe in this. 

— Then don’t believe! Consider this funny New Year gibberish. Is it better now? 

If you are lying, then it is better. If not..

— What is the reason for me to lie? The facts can be verified. 

What about other gang accomplices remaining on the loose? Their names, addresses, etc.? 

— According to my information, in the housing and public utilities sphere, Daniil Zolotarev, his friend Roman Zinoviev (by the way, a former operative of the Department for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the Kursk Region), common-law spouse of Zolotarev, and Marina Terekh, lawyer of the Kursk Housing and Public Utilities Committee, had provided invaluable assistance to Dmitry Volobuev in securing contracts to renovate residential houses and transfer them to companies controlled by the criminal community. Former officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service – Vyacheslav Barten’ev, Aleksei Pashnev, and Igor Berezytsky – were directly involved in the operations of affiliated management companies. Maksim Pakhomov, a former officer of the special ops unit of the Administration for the Kursk Region of the Federal Penitentiary Service, was one of the mercenary killers in the gang. The penitentiary and police services had supplied personnel for Volobuev. 

Who else was involved? 

— Plenty of people... Colleagues from other law enforcement agencies had noted in our conversations that local ‘celebrities’ – Deputies Sergei and Maksim Vasiliev (Deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – The CrimeRussia) – had ties with Volobuevskie gang. These suspicions had strong grounds. Viktor Sidorov, ex-head of the regional police (not the MIA Administration – just the police) and first deputy of General Kulik, had personally visited brothers Volobuev in the pretrial detention facility and persuaded them (especially Nikolai) to tell how and by whom were the money in the amount of some 40 million rubles ($601.5 thousand) transferred to Moscow to release Maksim Vasiliev, a Deputy of the Kursk Municipal Assembly, arrested for bribe-taking and jail his ‘offenders’ – officers of the Regional Department for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption. The principled officers. And the above scheme has worked. Maksim is on the loose. The ex-policemen are at liberty, too. However, they received conditional terms for bribery provocation as a ‘bonus’. But in relation to other person – not Vasiliev. But this has derailed the criminal case against Maksim Sergeevich, and it collapsed. Now the question is: is Viktor Sidorov a fool or what? Had he the right to ask such questions to detained suspects or not? 


— Perhaps, he had... The questions were pretty specific. Hadn’t he asked others about that? 

— No, he hadn’t. Sometimes, Volobuev had also suffered from fraudsters. For instance, Andrei Skitev, one of his henchmen, once defrauded Volobuev by stealing over 20 million rubles ($300.8 thousand) from him. Volobui has even submitted a criminal complaint to the Kursk police – KUSP 18180 of August 26, 2015. This complaint mentioned lesser amounts of money – but it was just an excuse to ask the police to find Skitev. Then Dmitry would deal with the fraudster himself... Interestingly, in that situation, Volobuev was going to defraud a bank that has granted a large loan to Krasnopolyanskaya Sel’khoztekhnika Limited Liability Company affiliated with Dmitry for acquisition of non-existent equipment. So, Skitev has ‘deceived a deceiver’. He has laundered the money via a number of Orel-based dummy companies and disappeared. Of course, he understood whose money he had stolen. He was in hiding. For a long time, he had holed up in the Moscow region... I know about that episode because above-mentioned Oleg Okorokov had brought the probe materials to the police. And the police politely rejected the request of Volobuev. Even Okorokov couldn’t help him. After that, there was an attempt to submit the materials to the ICR. After reviewing the papers produced by the MIA and consulting with the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, our officers said that both Skitev and Volobuev must be jailed. Mister Golubnichenko, who had insisted on the acceptance of this case by our agency, could not come to understanding with ICR officers. After that refusal, this topic was hushed up. Even more interestingly, according to my information, the ex-wife of Skitev knowing many secrets of the gang later married (I was told so) a high-ranked officer of the Kursk police – Sergei Aleksandrovich Alferov. So, you can see what a knot do we have here.


Entrance to Krasnopolyanskaya Sel’khoztekhnika

— Do you have a list of companies controlled by the bandits? 

— Just take names of the suspects in this criminal case: Nikolai Vasilievich Volobuev, born May 22, 1981; Dmitry Vladimirovich Kharlamov, born September 30, 1981; Evgeny Nikolaevich Kozheikin, born April 19, 1976; Maksim Vyacheslavovich Pakhomov, born July 14, 1975; Dmitry Leonidovich Lifinsky, born January 14, 1984; Vladimir Nikolaevich Zaitsev, born October 2, 1980; Nikolai Mikhailovich Zaitsev, born October 10, 1959; and Georgy Aleksandrovich Kryukov, born October 21, 1971. Add the persons mentioned in our conversation to that list. Go to Rusprofile.ru and search companies for founders and addresses. The entire gang is there, including both active members and persons dependent on it.


Database of Volobuevskie gang

We haven’t discussed the beginning of the gang collapse. Ruslan Sibilev started making statements, right? 

— Not only started – he could not be stopped. Over years, he has realized what Dmitry Volobuev had got him into and how. Outraged Sibilev has exposed all his secrets. He had promised to kill Volobui during face-to-face questioning. Sibilev had yelled at him: “I’ll annihilate you!” and other obscenities. Even the convoy guards were nervous. You were told the truth: Dima was afraid of Robot. If they were both on the loose, I wouldn’t give a damn for Volobuev’s life.


Ruslan Siblev

Thank you very much! I wish there were more officers like you.



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