Investigative Committee of Russia opens case against dissolving-in-acid killer Validol

Investigative Committee of Russia opens case against dissolving-in-acid killer Validol

Investigators have obtained sufficient information to initiate a case involving a Russian businessman killed and dissolved in acid in Turkey.⁠

The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) opened a criminal case on the murder of Russian businessman Maxim Ozirny in Turkey. As a source in law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, the investigators managed to gather enough information about the circumstances of the entrepreneur's death, received from Turkish counterparts. Ozirny became a victim of a group of 'fixers' who pretended to be Kremlin employees and offered positions for millions of dollars. Although he himself was engaged in the same business.

According to the ICR, Ozirny was an intermediary in the transfer of 4.5 million euros from a Bashkir businessman to the 'fixers' under the leadership of an influential Chechen from Chechnya Akhmad Khamidov. They promised to employ the entrepreneur on the post of vice-president of Transneft JSC. However, in reality they could not influence the personnel policy in the company. Then the 'fixers' decided simply to steal the client's money, and eliminate the middlemen, among whom was Maxim Ozirny, because they knew too much.

As the operatives found out, Khamidov, through a friend, learnt about the Chechen 'authority' Valid Lurakhmayev (Validol) with a proposal to "resolve issues" with the mediators. For each of them he was promised at first $100 thousand, but then this amount increased. Ozirny, feeling the danger, went to Africa - first in Mali, and then moved to Congo. Validol flatly refused to go there. Then a whole operation was developed to entice Ozirny from Africa.

In 2011, Ozerny was contacted by a friend and said that the previously raised question about his appointment to a major position in Gazprom was practically resolved. However, for an interview with Alexei Miller or one of his deputies it was necessary to have a meeting, preferably in Turkey. Ozirny took this bait and flew to the agreed place through the UAE. There he was met and promised to be taken for a meeting with representatives of Gazprom to a certain residence. In fact, Ozirny was taken to the mountains, shot, and the head and hands of the corpse were doused with acid. He was identified by expensive watch and a cross, and then examination on DNA confirmed that the discovered body belonged to Ozirny.

The investigators adhere to the version that the organizer of these crimes was Valid Lurakhmayev, and 'customer' - Akhmad Khamidov. They are internationally wanted through Interpol.



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